if you’re going through hell keep going

There’s a typical saying, frequently ascribed to Winston Churchill, that goes this way: “In case you’re experiencing Hell, continue onward.” We should unload that bit of insight in light of the fact that there’s something else entirely to it than you may might suspect. There are a wide range of kinds of allegorical Hell. For … Read more

Pain and pleasure principle – Freud’s Psychology

There is a very famous passage quoted by Jeremy Bentham that “Mankind has two masters – pain and pleasure” and these masters not only they are motivating in our every action but also they guide our actions. Plain and pleasure are the basic motivation behind every action of man and it also forms the basis … Read more

How to Make Friends After College

For better or worse, when you’re in school, your social circle is kind of on autopilot in that your friends are gonna come from the class that you’re in or at least this school that you are in but once you graduate, it can be very hard to figure out where you’re supposed to go … Read more