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  • Job Vs Business – what are you made for?

    Are you someone who is in 20s and trying to figure what should you do in life whether to pursue higher studies in education or start your own business and venture your idea or maybe someone who has worked enough as an employee and now want to start his own idea. Read closely as we […]

  • How To Make Friends in High School

    Top 10 tips of How To Make Friends in High School in your life who will support you, be there for you in difficult times, help you succeed in your life. One of the best sayings that describe a true friendship is “It’s not who you know the longest, It’s about who came and never left […]

  • Chess in Real Life [ Life is Like a Game of Chess ]

    Chess in Real Life [ Life is Like a Game of Chess ] – The game of chess is very similar to life. As chess in real life is unpredictable and complex so is the game of chess in real life. You may have read many topics of how to be successful in life or […]

  • Seasonal friendship [ Understand the Seasonal Acquintances ]

    There is season for everything and this also includes friendship. You may have seen people with whole lot of friends and there just enjoying and having great time and you think that why not me? Why they have the friends and not me, then here I will like to remind you that that the true […]

  • How to move out of your parents house

    The things That I realized when I moved out of my parent’s house are Parents do not let any of us feel the real situation of the outside world. We are well sheltered under their protection. But when it comes to the outside world you have to understand that life is harsh, people are rude […]

  • Exercises For Controlling Stress

    Top 5 Exercises For Controlling Stress. Just crashing on your sofa and giving up isn’t the answer. Work it out instead. Read how to control Stress. Stress isn’t just a mental or emotional issue – it can physically hurt too. Chronic tension can be the reason behind both long-term diseases (depression, heart disease, type 2 […]

  • How To Build Mental Toughness

    Top 10 Ways of How To Build Mental Toughness. People with significant levels of mental toughness can push past obstacles and produce a way towards progress. At its core, mental toughness is essentially the capacity to adhere to something when difficult situations arise. Individuals with significant levels of mental toughness can push past these obstacles […]

  • Benefits Of Reading Books Everyday

    Top 10 Benefits Of Reading Books Everyday. Reading may appear basic fun, it very well may support your body and psyche without you knowing what’s going on. Reading is significant because it builds up our thoughts, gives us unending knowledge and exercises to read while keeping our thoughts dynamic. The significance of reading books to […]

  • Meaning Of Yoga || Importance Of Yoga

    Today men are not living a happy state of mind. Most of the men run after money. Money is everything for most of them, it is them fall prey to lust, some consider women and wine are everything for them. Some of them keep themselves busy in unhealthy competition. They want to leave others far […]

  • Why Laughter is good for the Soul

    Top 5 Reasons Of Why Laughter is good for the Soul. Laughter is a priceless medicine that so much power to heal and compensate. Laughter is as said the true medicine for every ailment. Laughter brings people together bridge releases tension in the environment relaxes your nerves making it both beneficial for emotional as well […]