Meaning Of Yoga || Importance Of Yoga

Today men are not living a happy state of mind. Most of the men run after money. Money is everything for most of them, it is them fall prey to lust, some consider women and wine are everything for them. Some of them keep themselves busy in unhealthy competition. They want to leave others far behind. Some people have all the material comforts and modern amenities at their command but even then, they are much worried and disturbed. The condition of the poor and the farmers are always pitiable. They are victimized by the politicians and the hoarders. Thus, we find everyone sick having mental tension in one form or the other. Under these circumstances, yoga can play a vital role to reduce and eliminate mental tension. Moreover, yoga develops an optimum level of health to lead a happy and prosperous life.

Meaning Of Yoga

The origin of the word “Yoga’ is from the Sanskrit word `Yuj’ which means ‘to join’. According to Patanjali (who is supposed to be the founder of yoga), the meaning of the word ‘Yuj’ is to stabilize the mind for the union of Atma (soul) and Parmatma (super controller). In simple words, yoga is a way to join God, i.e., merge of the soul with God and INTRODUCTION experience of oneness with him.

Swami Digambar Ji, “Yoga is a union of Today man is not living in a happy state of mind. Most of the men run after money. Atma and Parmatma”.

Satyapal, “Yoga is derived from Sanskrit mother, it is father and it is God. Some of the word `Yuj’ which means the union of the soul with God “

practically speaking, yoga is a life science that deals with the health of body and harmony.The main purpose of yoga is to provide a sound body with tension-free and sound mm. The Ultimate aim of yoga is ‘self-identification and self-perfection’ which comes through ‘self-purification and self-realization’. So we can say yoga is a way of life, a means to live a means to enjoy complete happiness healthy and peaceful living. The union of Atma with Parmatama is possible by the purification of body and mind. According to Ashtang Yoga from Patanjali, yoga consists of eight stages to achieve the union of Atma and Parmatma.

Importance of Yoga

Yoga is ‘science as well as the ‘art of living’ for a healthy, happy and prosperous life, thus its effects are mostly internal. The regular practice of yoga develops and purifies the body and mind to its optimal level. It develops the proper functioning of glands in a balanced form. It develops the ability to control our sense organs to function properly. It relaxes our stresses and tensions to lead a peaceful life. It cures many chronic diseases to benefit the health of the individual. The effects are as under:

1. Improves Cardiovascular System: Yoga asanas and pranayamas improve the efficiency of the cardiovascular system, thus endurance is highly developed with a sufficient level of strength ability. It strengthens respiratory muscles and other organs to the optimum levels.

2. Away from Cardiac Problems: Yoga practice cures and improves the efficiency of the heart. It keeps us away from cardiac problems. Heart and abdominal viscera get a gentle massage by asanas and pranayamas.

3. Proper Functioning of Digestive Organs. Yoga’s asanas, pranayamas, and kriyas improve the efficiency of digestive organs. The digestive glands function properly. Moreover, it develops a high level of immunity.

4. Control over Sense Organs: Yoga practices develop the ability to control the sense organs. It develops them to function properly according to individual needs. It also relaxes the body from its pains and thus stabilizes the mind.

5. Relaxes Stresses and Tensions: Yoga relaxes the body and mind. It removes the stresses, tensions, and worries. Thus, it freshens our mind and soul completely.

6. Develops Concentration | Various techniques of yoga develop the concentration to a great extent, thus memory recalls ability increases. The meditation techniques stabilize the deflected mind in the proper direction.

7. Good Posture: Yogic asana tones up the body and its muscles. It sharpens the body to look attractive. It reduces excessive fat from the body, thus prevents obesity. It also regulates proper diel according to individual needs.

8. Removes Ortho Problems: Many types of chronic ortho problems like arthritis, joint pain, spondylitis, backache, etc., can be prevented and cured through yoga.

9. Cures Diseases: Yoga practice prevents and cures many types of diseases like cold, cough, asthma, gastric problems, constipation, piles, high blood pressure, etc.

10. Prevents Premature Ageing: Yoga techniques prevent premature aging, thus old age factors can be delayed and optimum healthy living can be attained.

11. Improves Health and Hygiene: Yoga practices improve the health and develop hygienical habits of the individual. Thus, healthy, happy, peaceful and prosperous life can be achieved

12. Makes you happier: Feeling blue? Sit in Lotus pose. Lotus pose tends to increase serotonin levels and a decrease in the level of monoamine oxidase and cortisol.

13. Maintains blood sugar level: Yoga helps to maintain blood sugar level to normal. As yoga controls stress which helps to decrease elevated blood sugar.

14. Increase your Blood Flow: Yoga helps your blood flowing. So all the yoga poses you do helps in blood circulation, especially in your hands and feet.

15. Improves Flexibility: One of the best benefits of yoga is that it makes your body flexible which eventually improves body posture. And inflexibility in muscles can cause muscle pain and lean posture.

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