Short Inspirational Stories

Learn the Life lesson from the successful people that will guide you in your life. These Short Inspirational Stories will motivate you to go for your dreams

As the sunshine brights after the darkness of the night, the same is with our life. Life takes the test to check how determined the person is. The life hit hard at many moments in life but your destiny depends on that moment, at that point of time some people give up the hope and go back to live their normal lives and the person who keeps on enduring and fighting the situation becomes successful. See it doesn’t matter how well-qualified or talented you are, it depends on how much resilient you are, that how many blows from the life you can take before giving up to be successful.

As we go along the inspirational journey of these personalities notice how much resilient and the difficulty that they faced before becoming successful in life :

Michael Jordon

Michael Jordon once said “ I’ve Missed more than 9000 shots in my career.i’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed “.
This quote from retired basketball legend Michael Jordon is enough to make me believe that you must never lose hope when bad time comes, as it will fly by fast. He missed many shots but it didn’t refrain Michael Jordon to become who he is today. Michael Jordan has done hours and hours of training to reach the level of expertise.

Steve Jobs

Apple was a company that started in a garage by just two young men to make a useful product that can provide people needs, by the time Steve turned 28 it becomes a 2 billion dollar company with over 4000 employees. And to add the extras Steve Jobs was fired by the company as he was said to put stress on the employee to complete the project. He said it was a moment like someone punched him in the stomach and the heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of starting again.
After being fired he realized his passion for making the useful product was what kept him going on. After that, he ventured to create two more companies that are NeXT and Pixar and both turned out be a success in their work. NeXT technology was adopted in Apple when Steve Jobs has reassigned the position of CEO in apple and Pixar became the best-animated film developing company by producing the series of Toy Story.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates developed an interest in the computer during his childhood days, he was fascinated by the idea of how the computer works. Once Bill Gates was asked in the Interview that what had he done if Microsoft is not turned out to be what it is today and he said he would have been a computer scientist working on Artificial Intelligence. This thing makes clear that passion is worth to go for.
After dropping out of the Harvard Bill Gates will go on to signing deals with IBM which will lead to the success of Microsoft, followed by developing of Windows. Making him the youngest self-made Billionaire.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein had dyslexia in his childhood which meant his brain connection were different than the normal person, it makes difficult to speak, learn or coordinate the movement. And same was the case with einstein, we stopped interacting with the outside world because others made fun of einstein of not being able to talk properly and also he performed very bad in the class. He subsided in his world of physics and mathematics were he founded comfort in.
Einstein worked as a clerk and also tutored to earn for a living because his professor didn’t recommend his name for the job due to his rebellious attitude toward the authority. But the clerk published 5 great papers of work in physics in the same year, and each work was so profound that physicist received Nobel prizes by supplementing and adding upon those works.

Walt Disney

Walt was always pretty good at drawing from his childhood but came from a very poor family background, he had to take a train to go to another city to sell newspapers when he was studying. At that time Walt found his comfort in making arts as he was not good in studies and had sleepless nights due to hunger. Walt made his way through, he gathered some money to start Laugh-o-Gram Studios but went bankrupt as he lacked the management skill to run business and also was too young. He was also fired from Missouri Newspaper for “not being creative enough”. But Walt was determined and his passion for drawing followed him. He will lead to the creation of Disney Studios and became the genius behind the mickey mouse, Snow White, Frozen and many other popular characters.
So Don’t give up that easily find passion and comfort and keep on working.

Stephen King

Stephen King had a childhood in poverty where he would subside himself in reading books and writing his content. He was so poor that when he got married he, He and his wife had to live in the trailing truck as Stephen didn’t have enough money to afford a house. He and his wife worked together in that situation but without success. But Stephen was determined he once told in an interview that he collected all his rejection letters and nailed them on the side of his trick wall. He collected over 60 rejection letter before writing his first successful novel Carrie after that he took writing as his all-time career. His books have sold more than 350 million copies worldwide and have been adapted into numerous successful films

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