Best Cardio for Weight Loss at Gym

Best cardio for weight loss at gym in one month. These 5 aerobic exercises for weight loss aimed for cardio can burn up to 1000 calories in 30 mins.

List of Best Cardio for Weight Loss at Gym:

Best Cardio for Weight Loss at Gym

1. Treadmill (moderate pace)

The treadmill is one of the best aerobic exercises for weight loss to burn that extra fat that you have around your belly you can burn around 900 calories with a rate of seven miles per hour on the treadmill by keeping this pace for around an hour . treadmill is just the replacement for the running in the outside world. Regular running on the treadmill for at least half an hour will also build you a good cardiovascular system it means your heart has an easy time to supply oxygen to all your body and who doesn’t love to build an amazing aerobic capacity with all the strength.

2. Cycling

In the List of Best Cardio for Weight Loss at Gym you are ought to find the stationary bike around the corner of your gym but for some reason there are not many people you will find using them because if you are determined to reduce your weight through stationary bike than you should be willing to go at an intense rate and the best method I found out is using high intensity interval training method in which you should aim to cycle at an intense rate for a couple of minutes and then relax your body by slowing your intensity for one minute but not stopping and continually repeating this method for the time you can this method is most used to maximize the calorie burn in minimum time whether you apply this method in running or swimming or any aerobic exercises for weight loss.

3. Stair Climber

Have You ever felt that climbing stairs are much more tedious task than walking the same steps because climbing stairs involves much muscle of your legs as well as your core strength than walking ever does. You will always find the Stair Climber Equipment in the Gym so the best way of doing the stair Climbing exercises is putting your maximum effort for 30 seconds and them 1-2 minutes of active recovery and the recovery doesn’t mean halting yourself and taking long breathes under the cool air of the air conditioner , you have to engage your upper body during that recovery session by using light to medium weight dumbbells or kettlebells and doing this activity for up to 10 to 12 repetition will spike your fat burning result to another level

stair climber exercise put a lot of effort on knee joints so it will not easy for people with bad knees. But is one of the Best Cardio for Weight Loss.

4. Kettlebells

Well, kettlebells are always around the gym these basically arent cardio exercise but the amount of the calorie it burns you cannot list them of this chart. kettlebell exercise brings both worlds of strength training and cardio exercises together which makes this exercise unique in itself there are few exercises that burn both aerobic and anaerobic calories together and kettlebell is one among them .the best practice of doing this exercise is set your timer for 30 mins and during this period try to do reps of movement for 30-40 sec and rest for 20 sec to maximize the calorie burning try to do as many reps as you can in these 30 mins.

5. Elliptical

Elliptical is equipment that was made to reduce the impact you receive on your hips and knees but you have to increase the intensity and resistance to gain the same result as on treadmill and stair climber equipment as elliptical were made to reduce the impact it also reduces the effect of this equipment for losing weight that’s why you have to increase the intensity, speed and resistance to get the same result with less impact on your hips and knees

These are some “Best Cardio for Weight Loss at Gym”.

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