Best Gym workout exercise for weight loss and muscle gain


5 best Gym workout exercise for weight loss and muscle gain. By integrating these exercises with High-Intensity Interval training you can lose 1 Kilogram in a week.

Best Gym workout exercise for weight loss

Best Gym workout exercise for weight loss and muscle gain

You may be lean or have a slim body built and now you don’t have to worry anymore here I will introduce you to some exercises that will help you to bulk up and then you can aim to build muscle on it
You may be wondering what you eat the same amount as your brother or sister do but you are not gaining weight as your brother or sister. The possible reason is the fast metabolism that you have inside you, Don’t worry its good to have a better metabolism than other people but makes a little competitive to gain weight

Fortunately, you are in the right place and I’m here help you in the process.

Okay, here my secret to gain the weight, to beat your big brother in the competition of gaining weight and getting a good physique. you have to combine the good weight gaining diet along with right exercise to target weight gaining. You see if you try to move from one recipe to other recipes of food to gain the weight you may end up losing time because until the food is not utilized by appropriate technique to convert in muscle mass there will be absolutely no difference in the physique. But I hear is going to reveal the appropriate exercise technique that you required
Concentrate on working as many muscles possible by these compound exercises


Bench Press:

You may be wondering how the bench press may be helpful in increasing weight but it is found that bench press is the exercise that targets your upper body especially for increasing the weight around the inner and outer chest region. Now the best thing I prefer in the bench press is the various modification in the bench press as you progress to get the best result. In the beginning, target low weight with three sets each and ten repetitions in each set and as you get comfortable which you will increase the weights and then the sets

Overhead press:

You are sure to get amazed by the result that you will see with hitting overhead press the changes that you notice is bigger and stronger upper body. The overhead press your best friend in gaining muscle mass because the potential for progressive muscle gain is practically unbelievable. For that, you must increase the stress on muscle over time to build muscle mass.

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we have talked much about upper part mass gaining exercise not its time to shift your attention to the largest muscle zone of the body and you guessed it right it’s the legs. And what’s the better way to target the muscle of your legs than squats the can easily help you to put some muscle mass down their especially around the quadriceps, the back and the calves .it also help to strengthen your core muscles and do not require any equipment you can do it anywhere. Do perform the squats in the sets to get the best result


This is one of the best mass builders that you’ll be packing on pounds of muscle.but to utilize this amazing gift pack you are required to understand the form because it involves heavy weights lifting you’re your arm back and legs, also the advice of the trainer and his presence is must if you are beginning this exercise


Pull-ups are very efficient because each and every single pull-up work out your biceps, triceps, forearms, wrists, grip strength, lats, shoulders, and your core. this exercise target muscle around the shoulder and chest region to help to build better muscle mass.

“Best Gym workout exercise for weight loss and muscle gain”. now apply these exercises in your daily schedule and take your burn out to next level

Best Gym workout exercise for weight loss and muscle gain

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