Benefits of Skipping Rope For Weight Loss & Six Pack Abs

5 amazing benefits of skipping rope for weight loss that has tremendous health benefits if you do rope jumping daily for just 30 mins. Performing Skipping Exercise on a Daily Basis can improve your cardiovascular and coordinative ability and also helps in weight loss and making great Abs. Also know which the best jump rope rope for you Speed Rope Vs Weighted Rope? decide for yourself.

Benefits of Skipping Rope For Weight Loss

Benefits of skipping rope for weight loss
Benefits of skipping rope for Abs And Weight Loss 



1. Benefits of Skipping Rope: Stronger heart for your increased STAMINA

The amazing thing about rope skipping is you will have a healthy heart which means that your heart will not rush the next time when you move up the stairs or picking up some heavy object and when your heart doesn’t rush you do not suffer from shortness of the breath thus rope jumping is good for not only everyday activities but also to increase your lung capabilities . the capability of the heart to supply oxygen from lungs to other parts of the body increases. In the simple term, your stamina increases which mean your rank in the marathon next time will increase.


2. Skipping Benefits: Want a Better LOWER BODY

The Rope Skipping Exercise is a great approach to tone the muscle in your legs and lower body which means next time in the race you will run faster. you may encounter some soreness and pain around your calves muscle but not get scared it is the indication the muscle have been conditioned to repair after the damage from exercise and in exercising the more the damage the better it grows so just wait for a week to get those calves muscles to grow around stronger and more efficient .


3. Benefits of Skipping Rope: SAFER than running or jogging

in rope jumping you always land on your toe rather than running and jogging in which you put the whole pressure on one leg and basically on the knees subjecting it to knee injury on overdoing while running but in rope jumping you always land on both of your toe this means you not only decrease the pressure of your body on single leg as in running but also landing on toe means that you don’t have to worry about the injuries because your toe act as shock absorber and get recoiled on putting weight on them so don’t worry next time when you do rope jumping

Benefits of Skipping Rope

“Fit Is Not A Destination…It’s A Way Of Life.”


4. Skipping Benefits: WEIGHTLOSS tool for faster results

Now I will give you a rough cut if you want to lose some fat around your belly. Skipping rope for 30 mins can burn around 300 calories writing 300 calorie may not be enough I will give you real maths if you want to burn one pound that is 450 gram of your weight you have to burn around 3500 calorie so combine a diet in which you can remove 400 calories per day and which you can easily do by removing all the white stuff from the food like sugar, rice, salt, etc and you can hit the target of burning half a kilo in a week and enjoy your new shape


5. Benefits of Skipping Rope: Improved NEURAL Connection

One of The Benefits of Skipping Ropes is improved coordination between the muscles and the nervous system of the body. As the Skipping exercise targets many numbers of small to large muscles in the body thus the neural connection between the many muscles that are utilized during the skipping exercise increases, as compared to targeted muscle exercises. Also as a result of improved neural connection, the body agility increase and your response time decrease.

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6. Skipping Benefits: Easy Companion

You don’t have to care about having separate space for this equipment and only require your willingness to work and your garden or park. Well aside from the space the top quality jump ropes that are used by the professionals are only cost about $25 and can be purchased as low as $3 as for a beginner, Skipping Rope also removes your burden of Going Heavy on your pocket.


7.Benefits of Skipping Rope: Unlimited COMBINATIONS

The best thing about Skipping exercises is that they have various rhythmic combinations and you don’t have to go on the monotonous rhythm like in the gym weights. The various jumping styles include speed jumping, Chinese wheel jumping, etc .and you can develop your freestyle all these combinations in rope jumping helps to keep the interest going in this exercise on a daily basis.


8. Skipping Benefits: Reduced LEG INJURY

The coldness of calf muscles and it’s surrounding region can cause the strain on the legs during any activities that you perform daily. Skipping exercise increases the strength of the calf muscles and the nearby tendons when you perform rhythmic jumps during the skipping exercises. Thus the increased strength and elasticity in the leg region can prevent many injuries and strains on legs.

Skipping Benefits

“When In Doubt, Just Keep Jumping.”


9. Benefits of Skipping Rope: Incorporate HIIT

High-Intensity Interval Training can be incorporated in the skipping exercises that can help you to get maximum benefits in the minimum amount of time. The HIIT focus on increasing your heart rate at a high pace and then involves a rest lower pace time. You can easily incorporate HIIT method by performing Skipping exercise for half a minute at the highest pace and keep in the mind the aim is to increase your heart rate more than normal during exercise and then you can slow down your exercise or jumping rate for a minute to lower and giving rest to the heart, this one and half minute cycles can help you to get better results in skipping rope normally . Repeat these cycles for as long as you can, the best way is to set an average limit of these cycles and monitor your progress.


10. Skipping Benefits: Improved BONE DENSITY

The osteoporosis is one of the most non-contagious ailment with the increase of age. It makes your bones fragile and increases the susceptibility to fracture. As the bone mass decreases and bone loss occurs more rapidly after the age of 35. Skipping Exercise acts as an opposite agent to osteoporosis and have found to increase the bone density mineral that is required to strengthen the bone. So with the increase ages, the practice of skipping exercise can help to get away from the bone-related problems that come with the increasing age, the practice of 10 mins of rope jumping can reset your medical future.

Skipping Exercise
Skipping Exercise


“benefits of skipping rope for weight loss & Abs” are just more than listed start doing it today to enjoy it tomorrow.

During our childhood our coordinative ability in developing stages and it is very essential in jumping rope to have the right balance of the body. Learning the right way to jump ropes is very important for children which makes jumping rope safe and the right impact exercise for children with lots of fun.

There is absolutely no doubt that jumping rope exercise is the best activity for children as well as the jumping rope is also considered as the building block of fitness in pretty much all sports activities. So what is the delay, let look at how to jump rope for children with some proper guidelines and motivation.

Selecting the spot

A wide-open space with no obstruction around the space is important, doing the exercise indoor is good but you will want to have space for the rope to cover the loop. The surface for jumping rope should be flat with some amount of absorbable material, you don’t want the surface to be as hard as the stone floor as an alternative you can use driveways and sidewalks or pathways in the park that have some impact absorbing properties.

Picking the right rope

Having a rope that can be easily adjusted long the height when required is very necessary. You will be required to adjust the rope length because when the rope is more than the required height than instead of crossing above the floor it will touch the floor and this will cause the rope momentum to break.

How to choose the proper length for jump rope?

Just stand on the center of the rope with your both feet and pull the handle along the side and take top of the handle and extend past the shoulder. Some jump rope will come with adjustable height property for which you have to tie the ropes ends or you can remove the extra portion and join again. That’s why adjustable rope is necessary for children as well as for adults.


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