Which is better for you – Speed Rope Vs Weighted Rope?

Are you stuck between choosing the right jump ropes and asking yourself if speed rope is better or the weighted rope? Then you are at the right place this article has covered all the benefits and comparison of speed rope vs weighted rope. It is very necessary to choose the right jumping rope because each jump rope has its own purpose and characteristic, so depending on what is your requirement you must choose the jumping ropes. 

As the jump rope popularity increased so does the types of jump rope also. You can find many variations of jump ropes such as Beaded Rope, freestyle rope, weighted rope, speed rope, etc. But the most loved jump ropes that came into used were the Speed Jump Rope And Weighted Jump Rope.


So what to do you need speed jump rope vs weighted jump rope?

The speed jump rope’s purpose is increased quickness and coordinative ability as competitive athletes. Speed Rope is difficult for someone just starting with a jump rope that’s where weighted ropes come. Weighted jump ropes are beginner-friendly, good for losing weights, increase muscle mass, perfect for developing some jumping skills initially.


What kind of jump rope is best for exercise? 

The basic difference is based on speed if you perform slow jumping where the heart rate does not cross much over 60-70 % of maximum and you keep the activity going for 10-15 minutes you will develop endurance, cardiorespiratory fitness, and stamina. You can perform the above-mentioned specification with any kind of rope, but the weighted jump rope will be better in giving the support to perform the activity, as its characteristic of being slower and resistive in nature. 

Whereas when your heart rate becomes near to 80-90% of the maximum and you perform the activity with greater vigor and intensity which you are able to sustain for maybe 2-5 minutes this will help you develop speed, strength, and power. To achieve this specification the speed jump ropes are the perfect match for you, they are lightweight this increases this speed for achieving the explosive nature of the activity. Also Before Knowing all About Speed Rope Vs Weighted Rope do check out The Benefits of Jumping Rope for Weight Loss.

Weighted Rope Vs Speed Rope

weighted rope vs speed rope


Weighted Jump Ropes

Weighted jump rope benefits

  1. Beginner Friendly jump rope
  2. Good for upper body workout
  3. Ideal for learning the various styles of rope jumping
  4. Mastering jumping tricks
  5. Helps to control footwork
  6. Great for shoulder, triceps, and biceps
  7. Pure Combo of workout and strength training

The weighted ropes are one of the best-suited ropes for beginners and children. These ropes are also used for after workouts and even in competitions. Due to the weight of the rope, there is a good amount of energy required for the workout. These weighted jump ropes help you to give a proper exercise to your shoulders as well as triceps and biceps because of the resistance that is offered by the weights.


weighted jump rope benefits


Which is better for you – Speed Rope Vs Weighted Rope?

As the weight of the jump ropes increases the speed if the jump rope decreases, and with a long handles the jump rope will help you to get control over your footwork and master those jump roping tricks that you want. The weighted ropes are a bit slower and which gives you good reaction time for mastering the various jump roping styles and tricks.

The good point of having a long handle is that it becomes easy to reach the sides that help in doing the cross rope jumping, and grabbing back the handle while doing the releases. The point is that you can easily learn the jump roping styles on the weighted rope with a long handle than with speed ropes with short handles, that’s why weighted ropes can be great for beginners.

If you want to have a bigger shoulder and good home workout than the weighted jump ropes are the ones that you will want to use.

You may find it difficult to achieve higher speed with weighted ropes as required developing more skilled style over speed, for that you will want speed jump ropes. Read More and decide Speed Rope Vs Weighted Rope which is better.


Weighted Jump Rope & Features


The handle of the weighted rope is bigger and longer as compared to speed rope. As in weighted rope, there is more wrist activity due to the momentum that the weight of the cable puts on the hand, the longer handles help to give more control over the wrist activity.

Also, there is a great difference between a weighted rope and weighted handles you must choose weighted rope we have discussed this in detail below.


The Weight of the Weighted Jump Rope range from more than quarter pounds to half a pound and can go up to heavy as one to two pounds. The mostly used weights are half, one, and two pounds in weighted jump ropes.

Joining in Weighted Rope

When it comes to weighted rope a good ball bearing connection is very important to keep the rotations smooth and also it does not cause any sort of strain on the wrists and shoulder and giving great full-body workout.


Their id great variety when it comes to weighted ropes material. There are cloth jump ropes that are braided cotton or nylon cords which are comparatively lighter compared to other materials.

There are also PVC jump ropes mostly used in PE standards and less air resistance makes it perfect for great workouts.

Beaded Jump Rope is made of plastic beads on a thin piece of cord, which can be made from either from cloth or vinyl. The weight is distributed throughout the cable than in handles.


Is a weighted jump rope better?

For beginners, the weighted rope is the best. The increased resistance in the weighted ropes helps to increase the rotation time and this gives you better reaction time and thus this helps you learn without breaking the rhythm and getting frustrated. Also, it involves resistance in the jumping cardio this also helps to engage the muscles and give a complete body workout.


Beaded Weight Jump Ropes

If you are using beaded weight jump ropes for the people who not know what is beaded ropes, these jump ropes are like the normal weight ropes but for adding and adjusting the weights you will require to add or remove the beads from the ropes. These beaded jump ropes can be used for a quite good period of time, I am having my bead weight jump rope for 3 to 4 yrs and are working amazing, and you may only have to change the center rope beads which may get damaged or weary to due friction when the rope hits the ground, make sure to keep some spare beads. Also, Read 5 Weighted Jump Ropes That’ll Give You a Killer Conditioning Workout.


Do weighted jump ropes build muscle?

Yes, the weighted ropes can help you to build the upper body such as shoulder, triceps, and biceps. The weighted ropes have distributed weights on the entire rope body, this weight act as a resistance in the rope jumping workout. This resistance targets the arms and chests and thus help to build muscle in that region. You will feel the burn on shoulders and arms after the workout it is due to the weights giving the same effect as lifting dumbbells.


Be Careful – Weighted Ropes not Weighted Handles?

This is one of the most common issues that people face while buying WEIGHTED ropes. Their two completely different kinds of Weighted Ropes, One type has the weights in handles and the other type of rope has the weights in their rope body. Now, a lot of people do not have a clear understanding of the benefits that one kind of rope has over others.

Now when your weights in the handle of the rope and when you start to the jumping rope then weights in the handle of the rope have to rotate with force to create the centrifugal force in the rope body length. As the weights are in the handles and not on the body of the rope due to this reason you are not able to sense the movement of the rope.

Here, I will like to inform you that more the weights are in overall rope body the better you are able to sense the movement of the rope around and make better coordination. Also if you want to increase the repetition of the jump ropes the weight in the handle will destroy your form because it will over resistance to move the handle and when you will push hard on those handles you will destroy your form. 

So with weights in the handle of jump ropes almost encourages to have poor jumping form moving your arms all over the place that you are actually able to move the rope and getting the actual workout.

In jump ropes where the weights are in the handle of the rope, the overall weight of the rope is less as the most weight is distributed in the body of the rope length than the handles of the rope. The rope that is above two pounds and with light handles are great.

Also, the weighted rope encourages proper form and techniques as you jump the ropes. Now instead all the weight is accumulated in the wrists you are able to move the rope and increase the frequency of the jumping rope without your hands going out of the places.

Also, the weights on the body length of the rope give more resistance to the muscles as compared to the weights in the wrist, as a result, you are able to have a better workout of the arms and chest and better able to target the upper body than you are wherewith the handle weighted ropes.


We Tested Speed Rope Vs Weighted Rope

(Calorie Burn Results)




Speed Jump Ropes

Speed Jump Rope Benefits

Characteristic and benefits

The speed ropes are made of great tensile and thin wires that what’s give them the speed factor. You may not want to jump right into speed jumping first you may perform a little warm-up with slow intensity as the leg work can adjust, and then perform speed jumping. You have to be a little careful with speed jump ropes because if you miss the skip then the wire may hit on the legs and due to their thinness and fast speed this hit hurts, make sure to do a warm-up which reduces the chance for miss.


Speed Jump Rope Benefits

With the speed jump ropes, you will want to adjust the length of the wire. You can do it easily with the keys. The shorter the length of the rope the faster the motion becomes and the bigger the length of the rope the slower the motion of the rope. In the beginning, you will want to increase the length of the speed jump rope and go with the slow motion.

The wire of the speed jump rope is also good lasting but with a regular workout, with the speed jump rope, you will want to change the ropes as it gets wearer off more frequently as compared to weighted ropes. 

As there is a good saying in the sports that the more tricks that you are able to do with the speed rope the more conscious and coordinated you become. Keep reading Speed Rope Vs Weighted Rope  and decide the best. Checkout Some Good Speed Ropes.


What is a speed rope good for?

The Speed Jumping Ropes are the best ropes if you want to get ahead on the professional rope jumping and want to participate really participate in the cross fit challenges. Then the speed jumping ropes are the ones that you are looking for.

Speed jump ropes are the best medium to learn the double under and triple under because you can generate enough velocity in these kinds of the ropes that the ropes may go around two or three times in a single jump.


Speed Jump Rope & Features


Speed Rope will tend to have shorter handles as compared to weighted ropes. As in speed jump rope has only one motive to increase the frequency of the rotation as much as possible therefore shorter and light-weighted handles fulfill these demands of Speed Ropes.

Also, shorter handles not only weigh less but they also help in better and tight grips as the shorter handles will completely Fit in the Hands and this control over the handles also gives access to greater speed.


The Speed Jump rope tries to cut as much weight it can in order to give more speed. The weight of the Speed Rope is less than a quarter-pound and anything above quarter-pound, you reach the category of weighted rope.

Handles and Bearing

The handles of speed jump ropes are mostly swivel bearings, this speed rope specific ball-bearing handle connects the handles with the cable.


The cable material of the Speed Jump Rope can vary depending upon the level of the activity you want to accomplish. The harder the task the faster the speed rope you will require like double and triple under.

The Ultra-Thin Cable(1.1mm) is the fastest speed rope in the market made of PTFE material highly resistant to stress, this rope is made for serious athletes.

Then there is Non-coated Bare Cable(1.6mm) which is widely used for speed and multiple under and has been most used by the athletes and various competition.


If you want to learn speed training and have good legwork and want to improve the techniques then speed rope is for you. Also, Speed Rope helps to achieve the double under and triple under or multiple under that are impossible to do with Weighted Rope.


Which is right for you Speed Rope or Weighted Rope?

I really want you to understand that speed jump rope exercises are meant for a person who is experienced and really wants to improve their skills on the rope. And if you are starting to try jump ropes to reduce weights or even as a beginner to master some tricks that you can begin with cross ropes and weighted jump ropes.


Benefits of Speed Jump Ropes

  1. Better agility and coordinative ability
  2. Anaerobic exercise uses fats
  3. Improving the legs muscles
  4. Lightweight and easy to carry


Speed Jump Rope purpose and benefits


Due to the lightness of the rope the faster you are able to jump at the same time this helps to increase the overall agility of the body and they are most used ropes by the athletes.


Because the jump ropes are not heavy which can help to burn more fat in less amount of time because the speed jump ropes give the same effects as the sprint runs than marathon runs.


Speed jump ropes are used much in sports than weighted ropes. Athletes use the speed jump rope to improve their leg works. The speed rope is used by boxers to get light on their feet which helps to create efficient moves with their legs, as well they are used by basketball players to train for the better vertical leap. So speed rope gets a point for being usable in sport-specific activities.


The speed ropes occupy much less space than the weighted jump ropes which makes it much portable, you can easily carry it in your backpacks or in your sports carry bag.

This is End of Speed Rope Vs Weighted Rope if you like our work do share it with your friends and other people and also don’t forget to appreciate our efforts for Speed Rope Vs Weighted Rope in the comments below.


The Buyer’s Guide to JUMP ROPE

Jump ropes based on the level of the skill

The Casual fitness jumper

You are a jumper but your purpose is to maintain the overall fitness of the body and not some crazy freestyle jumping, then you are most of us.  Your purpose is to jump rope for the general fitness of the body and wants some cardio activity in your exercise time. Then the best rope that will give you the overall workout also will help to get more control in jump rope style, are the jump rope with heavier and thicker cord material. This will slow down the rotation of the rope and the weight will create a more of a feel of the rope for better response and feedback.

Jump rope for casual fitness jumpersPro Freestyle / Boxer Rope 3.0 / Heavy Beaded Rope

The serious athletes

Your fitness regime involves regular jump rope activity in Gym or in Home workouts and Jump rope is one of the essential part of your core workouts or warm-up activity. You can perform the jump rope activity for a good period of time and also able to perform the double unders with your jump rope. Then the ropes you require is something that will help you with your double unders and even better speed gain.

Jump ropes for serious athletes: Double Under Starter Kit Muay Thai 2.0 Rope / Bullet FIT

The Competitive athlete

You are a serious participant in skipping rope competition and the speed and control of the jump rope are essential factors into your training regime. You have good control over various jump rope styles like triple unders and double unders and are able to perform the skipping for an extended period of time. Then the rope with lighter and shorter handle and durable and lighter cable with great bearing handles will serve your purpose.

Jump ropes for the competitive athlete: Elite Surge 3.0 / Bullet COMP

Choosing the right cables and handles in Jump Rope can be very confusing on your own here is the complete buyer’s guide – select the right Jump Rope.


Weighted Rope Vs Speed Rope: Activity-specific jump ropes

Beginner Workout

You are starting your journey in the skipping ropes and want to try the ropes as a physical fitness activity then at this starting stage your focus must have a good form and skipping rhythm. Then the weighted jump rope or heavy jump rope will serve your purpose. With the weighted jump rope, you will be able to feel the weights of the cable and sense the rope when it rotates, this feedback will help you to improve you’re landing and jumping. Also, these ropes will give you extra workout for overall fitness due to weight acting as resistance.

Weighted Jump Ropes are best for beginner workout.

Circuit Training

You are into physical fitness activity and your training regime include a various combination of different exercises such as step-ups, push up, lunges, kettlebells, etc. and various other exercises with a combination of speed and strength. Then the weighted jump rope will settle your point here. The jump rope will help you to keep going in your circuit is an aerobic activity and will keep your heart rate up and engage your complete body.

For Circuit Training, the Weighted Jump serves the purpose.