How to move out of your parents house

The things That I realized when I moved out of my parent’s house are

Parents do not let any of us feel the real situation of the outside world. We are well sheltered under their protection. But when it comes to the outside world you have to understand that life is harsh, people are rude and the situation when you live on yourself is completely unpredictable and you are never ready to deal with them you will learn when they come. These learning situations to deal with the outside world do not come when you are sheltered inside. This is a necessity for a child but when you become an adult it may serve you as a disability or dependence.

You will start to feel the responsibility of the situation when you realize there is no one to help you out or protect you from the blowback. You start to take more planned and calculated steps and become more cautious about your actions. You feel the responsibility that rests on your shoulders. No teacher in the world can force you to understand or teach you this lesson of taking responsibility and accepting the consequences of your actions.

You understand how to deal with people. There will be many people you will help you and will understand you, but many people simply won’t. Everyone will not be a friend there will be ones who will not let you get ahead of them, they will stand and simply watch you fall without any hand for help. These people will require quite a manipulation to deal with, but along the way, you will meet some good people who will become your friends for life.

Family Time will become more quality time. While life may be restrained when you live with your parents but when you come back home after months of living on your own, the time spent with family becomes more rewarding. The joy of living with the family will be more than hanging out with friends. You experience the importance of your family and home.

The things you had been taught in a family helps to develop an interpersonal relationship which is the requirement of every culture. But what you may lack is an independent personality, you will have the freedom to do anything and experience everything but this time the consequence in on you without any cushions for blowback. With more of such experience, you will learn the better you will develop your personality will become.