How to increase your will power

Top 5 ways to how to increase your will power and gain success in life. Will power is like a muscle the more you practice the stronger it gets. Learn the proper technique to practice them.

Will power is an essential ingredient to live a happy life. Will power is not just another motivational word but a real-life quality that can be improved. So let’s understand what is will power, Will power is the ability to avoid temptations and delay instant gratification and show self-control over conditional emotions. It’s all happening in the pre-frontal cortex of your brain, your pre-frontal cortex exerts force on the other parts of the brain where the brain parts are responding to the temptations and desires and you show self-control when your prefrontal cortex reduces the activity in other parts of the brain eventually. Will power is the requirement of life. The more you practice the will power the more you strengthen these muscles in the brain. It’s much more like either you use it or you lose it. Whenever you choose not to follow the scheduled task rather hang out with the friend, then at that time you are strengthening the opposite muscle rather than will-power muscle. And after some time you find yourself completely messed up and unable to do something in life that you want because of a lack of will power muscles. The practice of will-power also leads to happiness and confidence in life, who will not get happy when he completes the project he always wanted to start. This moment will lead him to believe that he could do things in life he wants and so will the confidence follow him, By just practice of will-power. Fortunately, as will-power is a muscle of our brain we can easily grow it just as any muscle of our body and that is by constant practice. Best Ways to develop will power are :

1. Use Will-power efficiently

Will-power is more like a battery which gets renewed every day, as the muscles if you exert force and is strenuous your muscle will fatigue give them time to recover and put a gradual increase in stress on them. So, you are comfortable running a 10-minute mile, increase your pace to a 9-minute mile. Alternating between these two states is better than going for an uncertain number and overdoing yourself. Just like your muscle needs time to recover so does your will power.

2. Use Visualisation

Your mind can easily be tricked with the visuals from the photos and memory and respond to the way you really will in real life. So in amidst of a very stressful situation where you have to avoid falling back and manage the stress and keep moving forward to develop will power the visualization process can be a great help to you in managing the stress. Think of a calm and comforting situation and your body will respond in the same by reducing the cortisol levels and relaxing your muscles. Develop your comforting scene to keep on going in a stressful situation.

3. Shift your thoughts

Every time any unwanted thoughts threaten to intrude on your consciousness, think about something pleasant instead. Have the staring wheel of your mind in your hands. Whenever there is some lurking temptation in front of you try to remove the thing from the environment or it will use your all will power in just resisting that temptation in front of you, develop your tactics with such lurking situations. Whenever these things invade your mind the best time to fight is then and there before they conquer you.

4. Develop Coping Mechanism

Stressful condition depletes willpower. Whenever we face any stressful situation in life we tend to fall back on our ingrained habits, those habits maybe be helpful or harmful. Also when we fall back to our ingrained habits we didn’t have much conscious choice, we fall back on these habits without much thinking about them. Like eating carbs which reduces the cortisol levels but in the long run turning every stressful situation to carbs eating opportunity will eventually lead you to gain weight and becoming obese. These habits become the coping mechanism, here what you need to put conscious effort on is developing a healthy coping mechanism, these mechanisms can include listening to music, watching comedy videos, taking deep breaths, etc. are all healthy part of your coping mechanism. And eventually, decrease your stress hormones and overcome willpower-depletion effects.

5. Break-in Bits

Many times people give up not because they lack will power but the overwhelming picture of their goal that also keeps them away even from trying up the task. You have to break your task into manageable goals and line them in sequence and eventually, they will start rendering the result as so go on completing them one by one.






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