How To Stay Motivated In Life To Succeed

Top 5 Ways to How To Stay Motivated In Life To Succeed. Choosing the right ways for motivation will lead to farther in achieving your goal in life.

when you travel towards your dream you. Might find yourself alone and with no results, the only thing your mind will say to you is to leave that situation immediately and return to normal happy life in this situation. The only thing that will support you is your motivation and will to go forward. Beware this motivation sources are very important to find out the real motivation that will lead far your journey is motivation from inside or intrinsic motivation, it can be reasons of strong desire to make your family proud to prove yourself, to get avenged from mocking by someone to help others, etc. These can be your desire based on a strong reason behind them other types of motivation. That may not last long but force you to take immediate actions like getting inspired after a movie or listening to someone these may force you to work immediately but cannot stay there for you in your journey, the right way for being motivated every day is using these both kind of motivation in balance. The following tricks will help you stay motivated towards your goal every day :

1. Answer Your ‘why’ :

If you want something you will have to answer why I want that if the answer is because the others person has it or the thing is very attractive than I am sorry to tell you either the thing is not big enough or your reason is not strong enough. Your reason must be your obsession you don’t want something because its shiny or other people want the thing. Your reason should be something of an emotional desire that drives you when you are in pain. You must have heard of Buster Douglas and his fight with Mike Tyson. The odds of winning for Douglas was 1-50 but a little moment Douglas mom died and when she was laying on hospital she was thinking that “my Douglas is in trouble”, so when Mike punched Douglas and everybody thought it was a knockout at that moment Douglas got up and said that “either I will win the fight or will sleep peacefully with my mom”. And Douglas was the first person to defeat Mike Tyson. Your reasons must surpass your pains and till per then keep finding the right reason and you are halfway to success.

2. Practice your reason :

Your mind tends to get distracted easily, you see something valuable and has an easy way to get you will change your path. The success only comes when you change. Your way to goal not changing the goal instead. You have to keep on reminding yourself that why are you doing the task stick your goal on the wall written on paper, a put on soft music and think of the impact that is your goal will do on your and other people life do whatever it takes in the day but take out some time in your day to remind yours what your goal is before you get lost in helping others to achieve their goal.

3. Read and listen :

Reading and listening to inspirational text and video will help you to figure out what is the thing that you are lacking in your life, what is the personal trait that you need to develop in order to succeed in your goal is the best way is reading books because it’s an experience of many years that the successful author put down in his book about this ways, that will add to your experience and make you mature enough to understand the requirements of success and same goes with videos , they can also act as extrinsic source of a motivation that you can combine with your reason to reach where you want to

4. Realize your importance :

You may have been surrounded by people who may keep on saying that you are good for no reason or are naysayers that may create self- doubts in your mind and lose your confidence in any step that you make. First of all, take those people out of mind. They may be your family or friend and you cannot stop them also just change the topic of conversation if they criticize your goals o or better not to engage with them on same subjects which you feel are of self-importance.



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