Marine Corps 14 Leadership Trait and Principle – JJDIDTIEBUKLE

14 Principle of marine corps leadership traits. Good Team Leader Qualities are required in every domain of life from work to being among friends.

It is rightly said, “if you want to go fast, go alone and if you want to go far go together”. The success comes to an individual when he starts to get good in what he does. You might have heard of passive work earning where you start to leverage others into your work. To earn for you, so if you want to move ahead from the success of your work to the overall success of your team which helps you to achieve something much bigger things and bigger dreams. And most often, the greatness in a great team starts from the leader the one who sets the standards leadership doesn’t have to deal with your ability of how you are great in your skills. Rather it has to concern with your ability to manage other people skills and to fill in the harmony. “what is it that you do?” in movie Steve jobs after mentioning impressive work of other apple team members.” musician play their instruments”, jobs. Tell him simply.” I play the orchestra”. Be a great leader and envision a great success. Tips to steer your team to success:

1. Have a shared vision :

When your vision aligns with other people vision you can work better together and faster. Your vision must be compelling enough to get the best out of others. You start to solve problems together which lead to better actions and you push each other further if one starts to slow down due to self-doubts. A compelling shared vision will help you to accomplish great things together.

2. fulfill their needs :

Every great leader has to find a balance between needs and wants of their team. You will have to identify from their wants that what they need to be able to succeed in their task. Because you may not be able to give what they want but work hard to provide them what they nan need as their necessary tools to fulfill their work with success.

3. Improve EQ :

You may be a smart guy in your class and everyone wants to learn from you and teachers praises you for academic excellence. But when you go down on streets making your way in a co-operative world. Your academic excellence may not come you much in hand. If your emotional abilities aren’t in hand and you are not able to manage your distressing emotions if you can’t have empathy with others and have a healthy relationship with others. No matter how much you excelled in academics you may not able to get much far with your teams.

5. Create fun to the work environment :

You can perform up to their best potential when you have a relaxed environment. When l you create a tense environment with a sense of urgency you may be able to meet your deadlines but the significance of working with a team that’s problem-solving and creating innovative solution and ideas gets lost in that sense of urgency. Best leaders know how to make it work without compromising commitment to excellence

6. Teach them to persist :

If you have some goal in your mind then you know they require some effort to reach that limits. Sometimes we require a push to surpass these limits and to reach our potential to fulfill our aim. And always this push does not come from yourself it becomes a responsibility of a leader to push people to their limits and teach them to go further way in achieving their aim.

7. Earn and give respect all :

Mutual respect is critical to any team developments when you show respect to their ideas and creativity. They firstly will present up to you with some extraordinary ideas and secondly they will respect and rely on your decisions which will help the team to go forward as unison as the basic structure of the foundation of teamwork is the respect that is given to each player to unleash their potential within team.

8. Praise and appreciate :

The best way to create internal motivation for each team player is to create a reward system. The praise from the team leader has the same effect as that of the reward system for their players. It creates also a healthy environment of competition in the team itself in which the player starts to do their best to receive the attention of their leader. Also when you let your team Know that you are aware of what they can be and what they become, that is when you can begin reaping the benefits of their growing greatness.



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