Importance of Failure || Failure Teaches Success

10 reasons for the Importance of failure in life. Failure teaches Success, Failure is a success in progress so accept failure but don’t accept not trying.

Failure does not happen till you accept it. Failure is much more like trial and error when you come across that error you get a chance to learn something of value, people who succeed gain wisdom by this trial and error and what differentiate these people from us is that bad results do not demoralize them they can persevere in that position but stopping is not an option. Try to see failure as an error report as much you have the reports the more chances the life gives you to analyses them and exploit opportune.

” Perseverance in failure is Success in Disguise.”

Michael Jordan rightly said ” I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed “.

Failure sometimes churns our mind emotionally that we start to lose our confidence to win but who remains despite hard times develop persistence and believe which is a rather better quality that you carry in your next attempt. Also, keep these lessons in mind:

1. Invaluable experience

The experience from failures are sometimes intense and also gives us reason to introspect upon that painful moment and after evaluation, if the failure is so impactful that it hurts your emotion, can have the ability to completely shift your paradigm of beliefs or state of mind. These are the experience that let us grow when and learn. Do not fear these experiences endure them.

2. Wisdom

When you succeed you learn of how to do take one right step at one time but when you fail you learn how to succeed by avoiding that one step of thousands step. So you must recognize the more the wisdom a person is the more we learned from failures, nothing can replace the knowledge gained from failure, as one attempt of success requires a thousand attempts of failure.

3. Persistence

Persistence is a synonym to the condition of failure you develop determination and will when you accept that life has failed and setbacks which makes you equally successful you tend to develop resilience to pain and turmoil after you have failed many times. You are not scared anymore to give an at least try to the hard opportunity and go forward when other leaves

4. Redirection

You have to guess the path to the road when there is no board for direction, this path may lead to success or failure. But every decision is not right and here failure gives you a path for redirection. You get a sense of clarity in mind on everywhere you have gone incorrect and how to reach a better path and where you want to be in your life.

5. Fearless

What keeps you holding when there is a big opportunity that requires risk, it is fear of failure. When you take the risk then you either fail or succeed, success removes the fear and failure. Helps you to realize that what you feared may not always to turn out that bad eventually encouraging to go once more to fight back.

6. Teach value

Our value system is the product of our believes. And our believe changes in our life which change in what is important to our life and what is not. And I tell you failures can change your believes and values and you don’t even recognize them. Success can get easily in our head but it is failures that keep you grounded.

7. Develop sympathy

You only know of how the other feels in a difficult situation only when you have suffered the same circumstances in your journey and surely failure leads to some of these situations. You will understand others better and will be able to empathize with others easily these value cannot be taught by success or any monetary gain.

8. Sweeter victory

When you go back to back with failure two things come, first, you develop respect for success which does not let success to go into your mind and second when you get success after failures taste much better than success without failures because you worked hard to reach your dreams and you did it.
“Success is stumbling from failure to. Failure with no loss of enthusiasm ” – Winston Churchill
Accept the failures as a part of your life and let it make you a better and stronger person. The journey to success is never easy when you fail to get up and look failure in the eye and never stop trying because that’s what leads you to success






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