Learn How to Control Your Mind

Learn How to Control Your Mind . Your ideas and thoughts have so much control on the way you decide your life. Control the mind to control your life .

Your mind is a tool you have, to create the person you want to become in your life. It becomes your responsibility to use it properly and not let it fall in destructive forces in your life. Your ideas and thoughts have so much control on the way you decide your life. So it becomes important to know how to control your mind. The thoughts can have a great influence on your life constant thinking of the same thing over and over again can cause obsession and these obsessions can be used positively. Anorexia Nervosa is a dangerous condition of becoming underweight, this eating disorder starts with the thought of becoming thin and if not dealt properly the repeated thinking due to repeated circumstances start to convert these thoughts into reality and your body reacts to these thinking by developing a repelling feeling for food items and you consider them as part of your natural thinking that starts to bring change in your thought and ideas . By this case study, you can experience the power of thought or in whole your mind has on your life. Just pause for a moment and think what if you can convert the same level of obsessions to achieve greater things in your life. To have the control on the mind, you have to exert the self-control on your thoughts by various techniques that we have mentioned and have the control over your mind and eventually which will lead to success in a long run.

Techniques to how to control your mind

1. Rewire your Images

Sometimes we happen to latch on to some habits that are detrimental to our growth but when we try to get rid of them they have sworn to not leave us.
Case Study: My friend had this habit to eat a lot of fries you name the recipe of fries and he had had it on his plate. But he was convinced that no one can remove the love of fries from his mind and I happened to come across hypnotherapy in which psychologist took one-hour session and lead you to a visualizing session. I challenged my friend to take these sessions he sarcastically accepted, the psychologist made him visualize that to imagine that fries are going in your stomach and at the same time she made him think about the harm of oil and salt and how it started to penetrate every part of his body. After a two weeks he reduced his eating but felt nothing bad about fries and as the session continued after 2 months he started to sense the fatty oil dripping from fries which gave him a little cringy feeling where he stopped the session completely but then also he has some part of the same feeling even now he eats his beloved fries .
So in this experience, I learned that small visualization exercises can have profound effects on our brain and we can easily remove our bad habits by these exercises.

2. Avoid Catastrophizing

After the famous quote that “ whether you think you can or think you cannot you’re right “. You wear the cap of negative trap and keep on fearing the situation that is even not really. At this time you can apply logic to your fear and ask yourself whether you know someone you had been to this situation and still gotten out happy.

3. Take the steering wheel

It is very common that if you will not take control of your life than someone definitely will or you will be swayed by your temptations and desires. Write down the major things that you want from your life It may be having your own house one day, becoming financially wealthy. And remember these are dream goals of life and now you have to break these goals into smaller actionable parts that can be worked upon. If want to learn how to play guitar start by listening tutorials on online platforms or take some guitar classes that will make your goal easy and actionable.

4. Create Rewards

Your mind constantly works upon the reward and punishment system. From childhood, you accept the experiences that are pleasurable and repeat that same situation in life again and again till it becomes a habit. You have to take upon yourself for creating a reward rich environment in work that you feel are necessary for progress. It doesn’t have to be eating some sweet things after small victories, it can include fusing your passion and work together to make your work more interesting or devising new interesting ways to do the same work.

5. Confront the battle

You have to face doubts and feeling of fear and see them as stepping stones over control on mind. The more you confront the negative thoughts and say to yourself that I will not stop until I win and give the stare in the eyes of self-doubts and fear, you will slowly find freedom and become a better and stronger version of yourself.






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