How To Become More Persistent

Top 10 Ways Of How To Be Persistent and develop the determination to achieve anything in life regardless of the setbacks and keep moving forward.

It is easier to sit back and relax than facing uncertainty while sailing through our goals. This is a hard fact that our brain tends to develop strategies to reduce the amount of energy that we put into something. Persistence is the ability to develop counter-strategy to trick the brain in spending the required amount of effort to complete the whole task. When we start on something new in life the excitement drives us in the beginning but when the task requires repetitive work the brain refuses to work due to lack of proper motivation, it can be learning new language or mastering new instrument , we begin with a lot of excitement but slowly our enthusiasm fades away as our effort does not match with the result expectation .

As Tony Robbin Quotes “ success in anything are 80% psychology and 20% mechanics “. You have to have a disciplined and motivated mindset which can sustain obstacles in its way and with determination keep on moving with setbacks. Have the persistence of mule and you can achieve whatever you put your mind into.

Persistence developing strategies are:


1. Having Accountable Reasons

The biggest tool of persistence is the reason why you want to be persistent. Your reason must be the priority before starting because when no one will be there to support you the reason will the cause for you to move forward. Your reason must be deeply attached in your mind emotionally. The reason that you are accountable for something other than yourself will push you in direction. There must be something that affects the lives of people other than yourself make it a reason to keep rolling on your beats.

2. Find your torch

Going alone in a dark way for finding your way out is a difficult task not until you find someone who torches your way out. He is your guide who has gone through the same journey that you are about to take. Being with a mentor is always motivating, knowing the fact that someone has already done it what I want to achieve helps you answer the question that why you can? If you want to earn find a person who makes money, if you want to excel in academics find a topper.

3. Small Schedules

While making our schedule what we write is to lose 1 kg in 30 days but does not make a worthful plan to achieve the same. Make a list of actional easy steps when you begin like exercise for 15 mins or taking vegetable salad at night before dinner. The list should be as easy as you perform your daily activity of showering or brushing because completing these task daily will only lead to result on 30th day, breaking the rhythm due to difficult tasks to perform leads to demotivation.

4. Stick the goal

Your mind aligns your actions with the kind of thoughts that goes into your brain. You can voluntarily inject the thoughts you want in your mind by constant reminders. These reminders can consist of placing your idea in the piece of paper and sticking it at someplace your eyes goes always, writing something in gratitude to achieving the idea, sticking the driving incentives on your walls such as bills to pay off or rejection letter. This will create the push and place that reason in your mind aligning to your daily actions.

5. Apply critical thinking

If you are hitting the same obstacle when you cross the road, again and again, it becomes worthwhile to give some time to find an alternative road to the same goal. You have to sit down for one to two hours with one question in mind of ” how to remove THAT obstacle ? “ jolting down all the thoughts that come in mind and try to keep distractions away at that movement. When you get enough points try to think of their viability of implementation keep on doing until you find the solution.

How To Be Persistent

6. Express yourself

When pursuing some dream you come across people who will involve you into some action of their interest that will deviate you from your daily schedule at that time learn to politely refuse them , then maybe your friends or family, you know what you have to do to achieve the goal comprising the daily task may even break the rhythm so determine the priority of their task and choose wisely to accept or deny them , it’s hard to say “no” to them you have to be clear about your goal value to do so.

7. Have Ideals

It’s essential to put some valuable positive thoughts in your mind. Your mind is constantly receiving every vibration in your surrounding influencing the way you act and behave. Listen to the speech of famous personalities find their values, Read to motivational self-help books to feed your mind with positives thoughts which will eventually reflect in your actions. As you cannot find the solution with the mentality you created the problem. Feeding your mind with the same thinking every day will not bring any new outcomes. Have ideas in your life, copy their ways and stay positive.

8. Stay Active

Performing physical activities will keep your body healthy preventing you from chronic diseases that can keep you and your dream in bed for days. Try to remain healthy while pursuing your dream as it will also increase your working efficiency and give you best result resulting in positive reinforcement to work more






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