How to improve critical thinking skill

Critical Thinking is one of the most important skill to achieve success in your life and exploit the opportunities in life to get maximum benefit.

critical thinking is the systematic processing of information so that you can make better decisions in life. Every day there is a small gap between processing information that you receive from observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, communication and taking actions, at that time it is very important of how you make the decision to actions whether you analyze the information or choose the action depending on your emotional state. Critical thinking should be a part of your habit and it only gets better on exercising it. You have to deliberately put your mind to think about basic understanding in your life such as you can start with pondering upon questions like what makes you happy in life and thinking deliberately regularly for 15-20 mins will help you to develop the skill of critical thinking there are the value of critical thinking in real-world that will help you to reach your success goal.

critical thinking teaches you the habit to evaluate many things in life that you come across and making deliberate thinking on the information in daily life, help you to grow and develop and continue to make progress in life.

Help you to make difficult decisions:

defining your values will help you to make better decisions. As defining your values is important for making an important decision in life similar is the role with thinking critically. Critical thinking allows you to compare the options with yourself and exploit the opportunity that is present in the options.

Avoid getting manipulated :

if you are not able to decide for your life remembers other people will decide for your life. To avoid getting manipulated by others decision and thought you have to take the step of original thinking based on thinking critically. If you want the proof you can observe it by paying attention to the ads created by the advertising agency with one aim in mind to force you to decide their decision on you and lure you in buying the products that they want you to buy. In such cases, you have to stop your immediate feeling on the advertisement and ponder upon “and gather more information for comparison and analysis to make the right decisions.

Providing solutions:

if you become a critical thinker than. You can provide innovative solutions to the problems existing in society and make your business setup that essentially requires a filling gap between the need of people and the requirement
In the market.

Ways to think critically:

1 asks fundamentals:

In the way of getting solutions to the existing problem, we tend to go out of the track as with the flow of topics to the topic we end up without a solution. So our basic aim should be able to provide a solution to the original question. To be on track and keep your basics clear, you have to question if you know the problem? And if you do how do you know that 3 on finding a solution what are you trying to justify, provides prove critique? And have you overlooked on something and remember the solutions beauty Comes from its elegant simplicity

2. Question your basic assumption

Sometimes people with their make a fool of themselves when they are questioned upon their pre-defined assumptions and they fail to answer. Some of the greatest innovations came from people who looked up for a moment and wondered. If one of Everyone’s general assumption was incorrect. You don’t have to be a scientist to question the assumptions and read out the Benefits. Question your assumptions and evaluate your belief about what appeals to you. what is appropriate for you.

3. Try reversing the process

re when you get stuck on a hard problem you must try to reverse the process the of the solution it is said easy to say that a cause b but if you question by reversing will it be right to say that b caused the same cause to a. This way of thinking from many directions and working on various solutions will improve your ability to transcend from basic beliefs And fixed ideas

4. understanding about thinking critically

You need to understand that you will not always be able to do critical. Thinking – critical thinking 1s a tool that you should use only when you are required to make important decisions in life or solving difficult problems. But you don’t have to think that critically all the time. In critical thinking, you may experience some lapses in your reasoning but you must identify the lapses And try to avoid them in future





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