best motivational movies

Best motivational movies that will help to gain valuable experience from other people stories. Every movie is unique in themselves and contains life-lessons.

1. Forest Gump:

Forest Gump character is played by the most legendary actor that is tom hanks. Forest Gump was a mentally retarded child who was tortured by his friend, and everyone treated him as a local idiot, he not clearly understood how the world works and he always listened to his mother’s advice and his best friends like jenny and bubba. He was suffering from spine problem thus fading him to wear support around his legs to walk he eventually became an excellent runner as he tried hard to run as accidentally broke his support and rushed home when his friends were trying to chase him. Due to his superb running, I entered into his college sports team, and due to his skills, Gump came into the military from his sports recommendation. He follows the order from his superiors and also made a good friend whose name was bubba. During the time of an attack, he saved the lives of many soldiers because he was good at running. When he was trying to find his friend and earned a military medal for his actions. After the incident, he was immediately taken to the hospital where he learned to play table tennis when Gump sawed his friend playing, and then this sport came naturally to him, and Gump became so good as he played that. Many professionals were also defeated by him after his long journey of playing tennis. Went to complete the promise that he made to his best friend bubba. He went on becoming a billionaire as he promised his friend to run a shrimp boat. Making him so rich. after he completed his business venture, he ran thousands of miles as Gump felt running, becoming hope to thousands of citizen, watch his motivational journey he moved

2. Shawshank redemption:

It’s a tale of a banker name andy Dufresne’s and how he was fraudly prisoned for murdering his wife and her lover which he did not. As a banker, he had a good knowledge of investment and helped the janitor also to make money, and it turned against him and janitor made it impossible for andy to get out of prison even when there was hope. See his story of how did he escaped the prison and changed the life of many other prisoner’s.

3. Fight club :

its just fantastic movie of all time. A combo of. Thriller and motivation such that you cannot take your eye’s off the screen. I felt the film to stick around my head for two days. its journey of an insomniac character that is overburdened by his life at work and not getting proper sleep leading to create a split personality a totally different character to his dull, boring, and repetitive experience. the divided style is smart, straight forward and free in all the way that the main character was not. But the main character does not realize about his split personality that he eventually thought his split style to be his friend in the actual world. They both start a club meant for people to relieve from their problem by fighting each other and become more endured to issues in their life. the club spreads like a wild-fire not only at home town but many other cities. the clubhead was his split character, and he transformed the club directly from the aim of relieving the problem of their own life to reducing the world from the bureaucrats and other brute forces of world-leading to freedom of world from worldly materialistic attachments. watch the movie to change the view; you see your life

4. the pursuit of happiness:

its genuinely fantastic biography of Chris Gardner whose life struggle has been put together from being homeless to becoming a broker making million-dollar deals even when his wife left him with his child, and he became homeless and remained on streets with his son for many years. He gives us the inspiration to never give up as he never gave up when he was on roads and continued pursuing opportunity and studying on for his brokage exam. It all started when he saw a man parking his Ferrari, and Chris immediately asked the person three questions of what the person did and how he did. After the person told that he is a stockbroker Chris immediately thought of becoming a stockbroker and try to get rid of all the machine that he bought from his lifesaving and started working hard toward his goal of becoming a stock-broker which brought strain to their marriage, and eventually, his wife leaving him alone to struggle. See the movie as it passes through all his hard time and becomes a millionaire and even starting his own successful company in real life too.

5. nightcrawler:

an inspirational thriller movie that provides you an insight into the life of risk and achieving unimaginable. things in life by just believing in yourself and taking forward steps in your life on the story starts with Louis bloom, a petty thief who eventually sawed an accident and saw the media coming to take the coverage of the accident: when Louis asked the reporter of having him to hire Louis he rejected him but Louis was not just any other person. he was quite tactical and took advantage of anyone and any opportunity that came in his way. he understood the opportunity in the late crimes that were happening in Los Angeles at that time. he immediately thought of becoming a reporter and bought a camera to film the crimes happening all over the city and then selling the tape to press and media, Louis goes to a hazardous situation and also enters into a crime scene before even the police arrive and Louis caught some evidence that was restricted. See Nightcrawler to see the dare and courage this sharp and cunning person puts into his action that will give you horrors and just breath-taking movements.

6. Good will hunting

Look into the life experience of this high IQ person who just does not realize how much he is worth to the world. The young boy name is will hunting his story will keep you in awe-inspiring mood, he lives alone and has three best friends more like a brother to him, in spite of being so intelligent will does petty works along with his friends like a construction worker, mechanic job or even sweeping floors in MIT. Once a professor in MIT gave a complex mathematical problem to his student and placed the problem onboard outside the classroom and stated that anyone who can solve the problem is worth a field medal, unfortunately, no one is able to solve the equation. Will came during his evening shift and while sweeping floors, he saws the equation on the board and solves the equation on the board. When the professor saw the board, he was surprised as no-one knew who actually solved the problem and didn’t expect someone like will could. Watch the movie to what happens when the professor discovers who solved the problem ??

7. Whiplash(2014)-IMDB rating: 8.5

A promising young drummer who joins music classes as he moves toward his aim of becoming a great musician in his field. Here in the music conservatory, he meets his mentor who stops at nothing to create perfectness among his band members. His class consists of the best individuals at the Music University at can go at any limits to achieving the harmonious music of his students. The drummer (Andrew) gets caught with the dream of his mentor and has to face hard-work working out his blood and sweat and even faces humiliation from his mentor as he does not get the music tempo of his instructor. He works everything out of him to stand upto the expectation of his mentor. But one time he just ruins the concert arranged by his mentor and which rages the mentor to his limit, getting him thrown out of the band , but the mentor does not stop there he plans to humiliate will in front of professional musician ruining his professional career but will accept the humiliation and does something amazing that shows that he has entered into era of being greatest musician. Watch the movie to know what he did??

8. The Intouchables(2011)-IMDB rating: 8.5

It’s a biographical real-life based movie of how a wealthy paralyzed man(Philip) hires a young man(Driss) who had gone to prison for criminal activities and became best friends for their rest of their life. Philip, the paralyzed man, states the reason of why he hired Driss is that Driss was an energetic and strong man and the main thing was that he didn’t felt petty for Philips for being in the wheel-chair like the rest of the servant do. He says that Driss was daring and Unpredictable and that quality returned a meaningful life to the paralyzed man. This was what he said in the real watch the movie to experience this reality. In real, one-time Driss took Philip into a long night drive in Philip’s Mercedes and crossed the speed limits, and the police stop them. When policeman questioned Driss why he was driving at such high speed, he said that Philip the paralyzed man was having an attack and was rushing to the hospital and Philip also played along with Driss, and the police offered them protection to the hospital. See this real-life event in the movie. They have beautifully carved them in their story.’

9. Catch Me If You Can (2002)-IMDB rating: 8.1

It’s a story of how an FBI agent pursued Frank Abagnale, who forged a million dollars fraud check. When Frank was a child , his father financial position declined so his mother moved away from his father to a rich person now frank was left with the choice to either stay with his father or go away with his mother and he choose to stay with his father, and as the position of his father declined in financial matters and no presence of a mother he became lonely and frustrated . frank left the house and remained jobless as he was too young to be eligible to apply to the job. So he just manipulated his id to make him look older in his document which helped him to get the driver jobs, but he was not satisfied with this he then moved to bigger operations such as forging checks and clearing the checks from the banks by pretending to be Pan Am pilot. he didn’t stop there he moved to forge certificates of a highly qualified doctor and landed a job of a medical supervisor in the hospital but during all this activity FBI was on the tails of Frank and, Frank was caught by the FBI agent but till that he had forged million dollars worth check frauds, but FBI made a deal with frank to teach his method to the FBI officers against his freedom . Watch the real life-based story played by Leonardo Di Caprio, one of the greatest actors of today who will lead to the exciting life of Frank William Abagnale.

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