How to become stronger mentally | How to become stronger emotionally

Top 6 ways to How to become stronger mentally. Becoming Stronger emotionally and having mental toughness and strength helps to win every situation in life.

 How to become stronger mentally | How to become stronger emotionally

if you are desiring to achieve a big goal in your life and you start to set the steps that you require to reach your goal and start feeling dim when the result was not like you expected them to be and at that particular moment you need to be mentally strong to endure those moments because world only rewards to stubborn heart .its time to club your master plan with some mental and muscle mental toughness and strength to achieve those dreams because you don’t need to change your dream but the way to achieve it. Some secrets for you to become mentally strong.

Changing the thought process

In a research,it is found that 70000 thought go around your mind each day and for a surprise,they do no much pretty differ each day which means if you feel good today the possibility to feel better next day increase  . for such result you have to contend your mind in such a way that you only repeat positive thoughts throughout the day, you will ask is it possible to alter your thoughts and my answer absolutely yes . for changing yourself into a better version that you repeat only the thought that help you to succeed is I have an activity for you just have to take out half an hour of your put on some good music and visualize the moments that you feel proud and happy about and you will notice the change in a week

Recognize habits that lower your self-esteem.

Now I am going to ask you a serious question is that have you ever felt sad when in your day for anything. I will help you to understand better like have you felt down when the Netflix series ends, or when you planned exercising next day and overslept the next day feeling sad or low, now I suppose each and every person have some of these experience any day but if these experience starts to go on a loop it will result in your mental health and you will lose confidence and self – esteem. don’t worry I am going to give you the solution and the solution is that you have to take out some couple hours from your day to give in some activity that makes you feel better, for example, it could be playing sports, talking to your friend, aerobic exercise like running, skipping and swimming, etc.

The logic behind all such thing is that you have to compensate for the loss of that particular self-satisfaction and when you are done with compensation or other words you are out of that depressed personality than you are ready to increase the positive mentals energy by doing the activity that you feel better with yourself now get ready to put those shoes and feel like a champion exercise on mind.

exercising the mind is as similar as exercising the muscles the more you exercise then the better it becomes you have to take upon the task that increases your endurance of the mind, the task that involves your mind to push the limits and also by pushing that limits you should feel of accomplishment so the task should not be difficult that it cannot be completed as it is much better to put an extra hour to what you normally do rather than doubling the number of hours for the same thing which becomes burdensome to mind

Developed resistance to fear

How to become stronger mentally | How to become stronger emotionally

it is much better to encounter the fear as it comes in the way rather than allowing your fear to control you and developed into a terrifying situation every fearful situation has an opportunity send for you to face them and they give a good experience out of it and more the experience you gain out of the situations the more wisdom you collect. Read more in How to become stronger mentally | How to become stronger emotionally.

Focus on the present

people are much involved in worrying about the outcome of the situation that never occurs focus your energy into the movement that is right in front of you and does not lose what is in your hands when you start to focus on the movement that is present then you come to realize that the most powerful thing that you have is this movement
don’t be a procrastinator and wait for the things to occur you have to make them as you wish because that will never happen you have to wake up enforce the thing to align with your dream and idea because the world only praises the bold. You should aim to increase mental toughness and strength for focusing on the present.

Learn to control your emotions

learning to control your emotions is one of the best ways of becoming mentally strong because you may not be able to control the next thing in your life but you are able to control how you are able to respond to that situation you have the ability to choose your reaction at that moment and if you do that right you had in one step ahead in increasing mental toughness and strength.

Know your strength

focusing on the things that you can do will always help you to know that in which area you are strong and in which area you have to work upon also knowing your strength will help you to build a good mental image and help you to stay focused on your positive trait

Mentally strong people focus on the things they can control

There are definitely some people in our life that keeps on constant complaining about one thing or other, they may complain about how things were cheap a few years ago the current government came and this person may go on complaining for hours on length.

 The people who are not mentally strong tends to focus on the areas of life that are out of their control and when you compare with mentally strong people you will find them saying “ok, you may be right on complaining what’s the solution you have?” .

Mentally strong people focus on the things that they can control. Let’s take an example of a business let’s say there may be sales going down than at that moment it is very important that you don’t complain about the users or the government and instead start to search answer of how can I improve my product. And with that facts comes a lot of hard work and determination.

People who complain are the ones who want to avoid the work that comes with facing the reality of the situation whereas mentally strong people are the ones who start working on the complaint.

Complaining is just another way to save your energy and the brain is very efficient in saving energy. Focus on the things that you have control and become man of action not reaction.

Mentally Strong People don’t dwell in Past

You can find people who are constantly nagging about… how things were great in the past or How my time before the marriage was great or How my previous job was better than present one or If my died would have been alive things would be have been better. And also they keep on wishing to bring back the same time.

The people who are not mentally strong keep on focusing things that are out of their control and whereas people who are mentally strong do not waste time thinking about the past they take lessons from past to plan a better future.

Past is just a memory you cannot get back the time nor the people by dwelling in your past.

Mentally strong people don’t Resent they appreciate

There are views to see the things you can be negative or appreciative of it let’s take an example of an expensive car getting past a person. He can say that one day I will be driving this car with my earned success but there may be others who will say that you can have this amount of money from sketchy ways only.

And also the money problem is not the end with not mentally strong people their way of thinking is mostly negative in many others areas of life.

If someone plays good cricket they will think and say that he is able to win only with the weak team also if someone has a good shape in gym they will say that they must be taking something to achieve it or if someone has an expensive bike they will say that he is a spoiled brat of rich parents.

People who are mentally strong will say that if I don’t have money I will read books on finance and investment and I will meet mentors to guide me the right path.

Mentally strong people don’t feel the world owes them anything

Today we can see that many average employee go on comparing their income with the position of the top executive income. They will say that these higher posts don’t have to work like us and are in a very stable and good position they undervalue the value of high valued skills they have that benefit the company.

People who are not mentally strong can go on thinking that their problem is the biggest problem and the causes of the problem are due to others.

People who are mentally strong are self-aware and they know their value and they take responsibility for everything that happens as a result of their actions. If their salary is less than they will say It is because of my skills and they know they need to improve them.

They will take responsibility for everything that is happening with their life and everything is happening due to their decisions and they are not afraid of taking actions or people. 



How to become stronger mentally | How to become stronger emotionally

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