Benefits of exercise on mental health | Mental benefits of exercise

Top 5 benefits of exercise on mental health. There are many mental benefits of exercise that’s improved mood, treat depression, better sleep, positive mind.

Benefits of exercise on mental health | Mental benefits of exercise

Benefits of exercise on mental health | Mental benefits of exercise

the brain start to lose the rate at which it produces the neurons as the age progress overtime you can feel and detect the degrading number of neurons in different aspects you may find it difficult to separate and store any new memories for instance you might mix up in your brain the conversation that you have with two people on the same day you may find it difficult recalling the directions or any new information that you have learned recently

brain contains millions of neuron cells that are required for proper decision making and thinking ability, the new Neurons are made in the hippocampus area and in a research it has been found that exercising stimulates the production of a protein that increases the number of neurons produced in the hippocampus area this area is responsible for storing the memory and generating the new ones . so keep your hippocampus healthy by exercise which will improve your mental health

Benefits of exercise on mental health are :

1. treat and prevent depression

many of you think depression is a disease that is caused by sad feelings but it has scientific reasoning also it is caused by slow production of neurons in the hippocampus area also research shows that series of depression episode can shrink the hippocampus by 10%
depression may lead to ability of slow thinking ability and reduction in capacity to store new memory but exercising triggers the generation of new memory cell which not only help to treat depression and generate those new brain cells but also it will help you to stay away from depression and Alziemer or Parkinson disease that is caused by lesser production of new neurons with the age

2. reduction in anxiety and stress

anxiety is a state where you start to worry or feel uncomfortable about the uncertain outcomes and these outcomes are the reason for nervousness and uneasiness plus
your brain keeps on repeating those uncomfortable outcomes in your mind throughout the day that not only increases your anxiety level but also depression and stress-related diseases it
and it has been found that the brain experiences about 70000 thoughts in one day and those number of thoughts are repeated on the same day with no all little variation so if you where anxious yesterday there is a clear possibility that you will remain tomorrow, until and unless the outcome is confirmed and you have accepted it.
the exercise is the best medicine of reduction in anxiety level, have you ever felt about thinking about the meeting that you are going to face today in the office when you are going through an intensive vigorous workout that set your heart rushing and mind is focused the movement of body coordination
the exercise workout removes those thoughts that you were experiencing an hour ago because names lifting those weights, again and again, you will start experience pain and have other thoughts in mind stopping the exercise and the brain will Trigger the production of endorphin hormones that act as a natural painkiller that decreases the level of uncomfortable that you feel during the workout these endorphin hormones not only help to relieve the body from pain but also to reduce the stress and anxiety that is caused by in mind due to uncertain outcomes. Read more in Benefits of exercise on mental health | Mental benefits of exercise.

Benefits of exercise on mental health | Mental benefits of exercise

3. positive self-image

exercising is a great source of motivation as motivation only comes from when you see daily improvement in your work whereas stagnation in the achievements lead to falling down in your learning as well as motivational curves but exercising on a daily basis will help you to see the improvement and confidence in your body that my body has a good core strength and have a great stability and balance or your body has has a great strength and ability to pick up those heavy objects and when you start to feel this confidence throughout the day by doing certain activities you start to develop better body image that not only increases the mental energy level but also help you develop a positive self-image
so start investing some time in your body to reap out the benefit as soon as possible and also to develop confidence in yourself because who doesn’t love to have good body it is not a thing to brag about because your body becomes healthy and good looking on investing the time on exercising it and not by sitting on our sofa and watching Netflix and therefore a good body is endured by everyone among friend and family.

4. emotionally stronger

exercising remove those stress causing cortisols that comes through the sedentary lifestyle and this stress causing hormones also become reasons for bad decision making and improper handling of emotional stress but by exercising each and every day you become more resilient to stress hormones and is able to make decisions under stress working environment and become emotionally stronger than others.

5. better sleep

have you ever felt those muscle starting to cramp when you are sleeping these are due to stiff and cold muscle these muscles become stiff due to reduced blood flow in the reason and performing relaxing exercises such as yoga or gentle stretching can get a better night sleep by loosening up those tight and cold muscles and increasing the flexibility and the range of movement of joints so you do not have to worry about pains occurring when you wake up in the morning due to bad posture in night sleep

Benefits of exercise on mental health | Mental benefits of exercise

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