Benefits of Jumping Jacks || Weight Loss And Calories

Top 10 Benefits of Jumping Jacks. Jumping Jacks can burn up to 3500 calories that is a weight loss of a pound in a week by half-hour exercise every day. Jumping Jack benefits your overall performance in your day. This simple easy to learn exercise can help to reduce weights and help in increasing heart health and these two-component are the main cause that can help many diseases to stay at the bay. This exercise does not require any special gear can you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere. The increase in bone strength reduced stress levels, the good posture of the body is some of the noticeable benefits of jumping Speed Rope Vs Weighted Rope



 Benefits of Jumping Jacks
Benefits of Jumping Jacks

1. Benefits of Jumping Jacks: Improve your HEART HEALTH

benefits of jumping jacks

jumping Jacks is considered one of the best cardio exercises that you can do to stimulate its benefit throughout the day while doing jumping Jacks you heart has to pump harder in order to supply the oxygenated blood from your lungs to your other parts of the body and carry blood back to the lungs which give a good workout to your heart and thus keeping it healthy for a long time.


2. Weightloss With Jumping Jacks: BURN CALORIES

jumping jacks benefits

As compared to the most of the static exercises such as weight training jumping Jacks workout can prove a better solution of reduction of your body weight calorie because in static exercises your heart does not have to work as much as when you are doing some aerobic exercises like jumping jacks because jumping Jacks involves a dynamic moment of each and everybody part where is any static exercises.
You only focus on one body part or specified muscle groups but in workout such as jumping jacks the work of the heart increases and it consumes more energy and calorie and for the compensation of that energy your fat cell starts to breakdown into simple glucose derivative structures and provide you energy at that time with reduction in body calories.


3. Benefits of Jumping Jacks: Improve the ability of BETTER COORDINATION

jumping jacks for weight loss

Jumping Jack workout as I’ve also mentioned in the earlier text is a dynamic exercise means it involve the movement of every part of the body therefore again and again repetition of body parts in back forth position in the space take place
And in the case of the jumping jacks you have to move your feet apart simultaneously with moving your arms as far as you can from the initial position and you have to do this again and again which stimulates signal to a particular portion of brain again and again after some practice of Jumping jacks the brain will start to give the control to the spine memory for the coordination, that it does for your feet and arms simultaneously , the spine memory will serve for better coordination between the four Limbs because it has already being trained by those repetitive signals and has made cells to Remember that coordination that occurs between these Limbs.


4. Jumping Jacks and Improved Moods: Jumping Jack HIGH

jumping jacks calories

jumping Jacks can get you into the movements of runners high you must not have heard the term of runner highs , it is the moments when a person who has been running for a quite while starts to have a feeling of easiness and pleasure and it is due to the natural endorphin hormones that act as a painkiller to the pain that is experienced due to the fatigues from the muscle cells inside your body and the signal of pain is reduced by releasing those endorphin hormones , repetitive pain signal in the brain is reduced by these pain killers there are two wrong ways of approaching this method and it’s by other going too aggressive on yourself that you are putting your full effort to receive the pleasure and the other is you are not trying to get to the pace that you get that you are feeling of repetitive pain inside your body so you have to be not Harsh on your body as well as not easy to receive those painless euphoric moments


5. Benefits of Jumping Jacks: CHURNING up your whole body

jumping jacks for weight loss


Jumping Jack is a sort of workout that turns up and down your whole body you have to move your feet apart and your hand above your heads, in performing the movements your whole leg muscle whether it hamstrings and your calves shoulder bicep triceps core muscle have to work all along in the same simultaneous rate so any part of the body is not remained untouched by the impact of jumping jacks.
If each and every part of the body is worked out the muscles any part of the body does not remains weak as weak muscle becomes the reason of bad posture which increases the requirement of other muscle to maintain the position of the body if they are not able to maintain the position of the body the other muscles will get stressed out and the weak muscle get responsible for the back pain that you feel.


6. Jumping Jacks Benefits: A good WARM UP exercise

jumping jacks cardio

A warm-up workout is used to loosen up those stiff muscle, the flexibility increasing exercises are recommended before the workouts exercise to increase the range of joint movements and the flexibility exercises are done to loosen up those stressed out muscle , so have you ever felt that stiffed muscle that cramps sometimes this is due to the reason the oxygen and the nutrition are not transported properly inside your cells.
When the cells lack a proper transportation of Nutrition and oxygen the waste products builds up faster and also remains within the cell due to lack of better blood flow that comes from movement of body causing stressed and cramped muscles, Jumping Jack exercise exercises target all the muscles of your body impact of this is increased blood flow and thus enhanced the waste removal takes place and muscle gets loosen


7. Better Body Shape: HIIT (Military Exercise Tactic) Combined With Jacks

benefits of jumping jacks

When the high-intensity interval training workout is combined with Jumping Jack workout your body shape improves leading to a better self image and higher energy levels of ,the high intensity interval training is a popular method to get those fat out of your body faster it is as  its name suggest it involves interval between the exercises that you perform at a very high rate because if you are performing the exercises at a high rate the anaerobic breakdown starts to break fat cell to get energy without the oxygen.
The body has to consume the energy from the fat cells around the muscle it may build up some lactic acid around the area as a waste product therefore the interval has been introduced between those high rate intensity exercises because at that time the breathing process will allow you to remove the lactic acid that is stored due to training at such a high rate so if you are thinking of doing training with the method of high-intensity interval be sure to take it with right approach and also reduces calorie with proper diet . Get as many repetitions in the beginning and get comfortable with the Jumping Jack exercises and when you get comfortable with Jumping Jack exercises to apply this method

My approach in high-intensity interval training workout in this workout is:

Set timer for 30 minutes and then try to get as many as repetition that you can get within 1 minute of the exercise and remember the intensity of the exercise should be very high it means you have to give your full ability and as many reps you can get after you have done with the work you can take a recovery performing at a very low intensity reducing your repetitions but not stopping them so that your body can take in oxygen to remove those lactic acids that are stored in your muscle and after the recovery is done you get that start with again the high intensity. Repeat this process and get as many reps as you can less than 30 minutes


8. Jumping Jacks Benefits: Improved ELASTICITY Of Muscles

jumping jacks aerobic exercise

The benefit of Jumping Jack can include an increased in the elasticity of the muscles. Due to our work life cycle, we tend to avoid getting physical exercise and this can lead to a reduction in flexibility of your body. If you experience frequent strains on your neck and back area while sitting on the chair consider looking in the fact about the flexibility of your body. Reduced Flexibility levels can cause cold muscles and they in redo can cause the stress and strain on particular muscles causing more serious damages. Jumping Jack’s benefits in increased flexibility of your body thus can reduce you from the stress that may occur due to sitting on that chair behind the computer. Live a Flexible and Stress-Free Life by Jumping Jacks.


9. Benefits of Jumping Jacks: Many VARIATION Reduced Boredom

jumping jacks cardio

The Jumping Jacks can encompass any sort of variation and combination which makes this exercise interest friendly. Front Clap Jumping Jacks, Alternate jumping Jack, Plank Jacks are some of the best combinations in Jumping Jacks that focus on the target as well as compound muscle exercises. The various combination in jumping jack makes it more compatible if you want to target a particular muscle in the body and thus it can help in strength training exercises that tend to put on the rhythmic stress on the same part of the body. Jumping Jacks Benefits all over development in the body.


10. Jumping Jacks Benefits: Improved BONE DENSITY

jumping jacks benefits

The osteoporosis is one of the most non-contagious ailment with the increase of age. It makes your bones fragile and increases the susceptibility to fracture. As the bone mass decreases and bone loss occurs more rapidly after the age of 35. Jumping Jacks acts as an opposite agent to osteoporosis and have found to increase the bone density mineral that is required to strengthen the bone. So with the increase ages, the practice of Jumping Jacks can help to get away from the bone-related problems that come with the increasing age, the practice of 10 mins of rope jumping can reset your medical future.


Better lungs

jumping jacks cardio

Jumping Jacks can improve your cardiorespiratory capacity. It means you can take a lot of oxygen in a short period. This condition helps when you are at a state of anxiety and nervousness and taking more and more oxygen reduces that level of hormones causing that state. The increased stroke volume of the lung will help you not only keep your respiratory system on track but also get away from anxiety and nervous states




How many calories does 100 jumping jacks burn?

100 Jumping Jacks can Burn up to 20 calories with an average body weight of any heights.

Jumping Jack Has the potential of burning about 100-200 calories in ten to twenty minutes with average body weights and intensity. A Rough Estimate is that you can burn up to 100 Calories by doing 500 Jumping Jacks in a day and it only takes two minutes on average to complete 100 jacks so in total you have to invest about only 10 minutes in burning 100 calories and which is much easier than lifting weights and going to the gym . Thus Jumping Jacks Benefits in Weight loss. 


100 Jumping Jacks Challenge [Cardio + Burn Calories + Lose Weight]



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