Health benefits of anaerobic exercise

Health benefits of anaerobic exercise are truly incredible. There are many advantages of anaerobic exercise that have maximum impact in less time.

Health benefits of anaerobic exercise :

Health benefits of anaerobic exercise 

1. increasing muscular strength

there are two types of muscles that make up your Muscular System, first of all, there are slow twitch muscles and second, there are fast twitch muscles. the slow twitch muscles are responsible for making of endurance capacity inside your body and increasing the capacity of the body to work under the presence of oxygen but the fast twitch muscles are really responsible for making you Stronger by developing greater muscle fibers during anaerobic exercises only

2 .muscle mass growth

If you think that the supplements are only the way to increase the muscle mass growth rapidly then not have across the benefits of anaerobic exercises as this exercises target the fast twitch muscles and these muscles are only made when your body is forced to do intensive exercise in an inadequate supply of oxygen in your body

These fast twitch muscles are only built when you are at the verge of your fatigue that is caused due to the anaerobic exercises and when your body draws all of the energy by consuming all the ATP present in the muscle and this ATP are the energy blocks of your muscles. when the ATP gets depleted, your body has to work up to build the Reserve again and building the reserve results in building a great muscles mass as in making up those fast twitch muscles after the intensive fatigue workout every gram of carbohydrate requires 3 grams of water in building the fast twitch muscles and therefore helps to increase your muscle mass.

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3. increases metabolic rate

The muscles are much more aggressive in building the energy stores than those fat cells inside your body after emptying the Reserve of ATP that is consumed during the high-intensity workout , your muscle starts to build up more reserve of ATP that it has lost during the workout and also increases the maximum capacity of storing the energy in the muscle and it does not keep any gap for the body to build those reserve and the body starts to increase your metabolic rate and start to break down the food you consumed after hours of doing workout. You see the muscle mass are much hungrier than your fat that’s why the metabolic rate increases by performing these anaerobic activities as compared to any of the aerobic exercises which work by maintaining a constant rate and doing for a longer time

4. increased endurance

anaerobic exercises is not only responsible for building a great muscle mass but also building a great endurance that is required by other aerobic exercises such as running cycling because at that time that you are performing the high intensity exercises your heart rush at a higher rate and your breathing rate skyrockets to supply the oxygen to the muscular parts that are continuously working in the absence of oxygen so you are at the top of your capacity, doing these exercises increases your heart and lungs capacity thereby increasing the maximum capacity of your lung and heart to circulate the oxygen through the blood flow and hence the endurance of your body increases

5. increased tolerance

when anaerobic exercises becomes a part of your regular workout your body starts to adapt to work under the lactic acid that is present inside your muscles due to the absence of oxygen and after removal system of lactic acid from your muscles are developed in your body an efficient byproduct removal system is also developed in performing the anaerobic exercises

Health benefits of anaerobic exercise


Why are Fast Twitch Muscle required in Anaerobic Exercise?

generally, people have to type of muscle fibers, first of all, it is slow twitch muscles and second fast twitch muscles
fast twitch muscles are responsible for maintaining endurance ability inside your body like running a distance miles where is fast twitch muscles that are only built under fatigue that is useful for the powerful bust of moments like spiriting
so when you are performing any aerobic activities like swimming or cycling first of all the slow twitch muscles are the one first to contract and provide your muscular force that is required for moving but when this slow twitch muscle starts to wear off and become tired then the fast twitch muscles fiber takes over
fast twitch muscles are only built at the time of the fatigue that is caused at the end of aerobic exercises or exercises such as high-intensity interval training workout that includes performing high-intensity workouts for short interval of time that makes your heart pound and your blood flow increases this exercises creates the effect of anaerobic exercises and a small duration of interval is also present in high-intensity interval training workouts for providing the time of recovery for the muscles, therefore, you can work under fast twitch muscles for a longer duration of time by switching to slow twitch muscles also
there are the humongous amount of benefits for working under temporary fatigue making sure your fast twitch muscles are activated because if you are looking into building a strong body with a great amount of muscle mass and improve strength and stamina the fast twitch muscles are the right choice
on the other hand, aerobic exercises use slow twitch fibers that can be very useful for building up stamina and increasing the oxygen capacity of your body allowing your body to work more and Burn more calories for a longer period of time and also the slow twitch muscles are also responsible for low blood pressure also

you should make your decision wisely by selecting the type of activity you perform

as the slow twitch muscles can be a great way to reduce your weight and remove the belly fat

but the fast twitch muscles are responsible for building muscular strength and muscle mass

it is similar as if you are going to distinguish between a marathon runner and a sprint Runner
the marathon runners have a low muscle mass but high endurance capacity they also they have decreased the number of weights but the sprinters have a huge muscle mass with improved endurance capacity but lesser as compared to a marathon runner they have more strength and explosive energy capacity essential for running at a fast pace.

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