How to get abs faster | From Flat Stomach To Six-pack abs | Workout and diet tip

an amazing list of 9 ways of How to get abs faster in just 30 days, see the result. These of Six packs abs workout and a healthy diet can move your flat stomach to six-pack

How to get abs faster | Workout and diet tip


I am going to share with you some of my tips and tricks to get a six pack abs faster without hitting the gym 7 times a week if you want to see the result faster than you have to work on both of the combo exercise as well as diet because Exercise Act as a king hand diet act as a Queen and with both of them in your hand you can make your kingdom.

six-pack abs have many benefits it does not only give you a beautiful body that everyone endures but also it strengthens core muscles which are required for day to day activity and provide you stability and maintain your balance.You will receive both of these benefits in the tips to get your flat stomach and build the abs faster.

here are some simple ways you can do along with six packs abs workout and get an amazing result.

How to get abs faster

9 Ways to


Make cardio your friend: How to get abs faster #1

cardio exercises are those which gets your heart running up and your blood flow increases and same for the metabolism of your body and when the metabolism of your body increases the fat around your belly starts to Burn.
burning the fat around your belly is one of the key to get distinctly clear abs by performing the cardio exercises about 20 to 30 minutes per day or about 150 to 160 minutes per week you can get an amazing result by transforming your flat tummy in good looking abs whereas in the gym you only focus to get more and more stress on your abs but you forget to reduce that fat around your abs and when the fat around your abs removes you get a good looking abs.

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Get those muscles mass up: How to get abs faster #2

do not give all of your focus in just performing those cardio exercises you have also given some part of your focus doing abdominal muscle exercises and good diet.
because without these three mixtures you cannot get the result faster and as we are here to talk about getting the result faster than you have to work smart not hard because doing only the six pack abs workout will have no effect on your bulge tummy stomach because until and unless you get those belly fat remove from those areas you cannot aspect those muscles to show up.
some of the six pack abs workouts which I prefer is the variations of the planks, crunches, and bridges exercises are some of the popular exercises that are done to get those abs to come out of your of the tummy.

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High-intensity interval training see the result: How to get abs faster #3

high-intensity interval training are those type of exercises that includes a short break between the exercises and these breaks are made in order to maximize the efficiency of the exercise in this break you do not have to stop but you have to lower down your heart rate to get a small recovery for example if you are doing a morning walk when you go out there and run for 20 seconds for as fast as you can and 10 seconds of jogging and by this combination you will receive the best mixture of exercises to get six pack abs to replace with your flat tummy .
you can apply this simple high interval intensity workout training trick in combination with the six pack abs workout, for example, you can elevate the abdominal crunches bench tour higher-level entire to cover as many repetitions for a minute or two and for the recovery try less number of crunches in another minute
set your timer for 10 minutes and try to do as many reps as you can

How to get abs faster

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Drink more water : How to get abs faster #4

staying hydrated will help you remove those toxins from your body and maintain the temperature for optimal function of organs
increasing the amount of water in your body will help you to Boost Your metabolism as it will assist those nutrients and Chemicals to move from one part of the body to another part faster which can help you to see a reduction in your belly fat with being hydrated and doing exercise regularly. also drinking water can help you feel full in the stomach and promote appetite control.

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Eat more protein: How to get abs faster #5

protein foods are one of the best weight of reduction of fat from your belly and support the muscle growth .so fill your plate with more of your protein food then the carbohydrate.

proteins are the requirement of your muscles to help them self repair it and rebuild the muscles, you can assist this process by taking protein food because when you do your six pack abs workout your abdominal muscles fiber get damaged then at the time of repair, protein food can be a help to your body.

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Put the phone down at night: How to get abs faster #6

you need proper sleep to get benefited from the abdominal muscle exercises so that it can build muscles around your stomach and your body to produce hormones ability to burn fat easily.

being up at 3 in the morning will only help your body to develop resistance toward insulin, the hormone that helps you sleep and because of insulin resistance the fat storage of a body increases. so schedule your work tasks from night to the early morning it will help you to remain mentally active as well as physically fit.

Do not skip your meal: How to get abs faster #7

maybe because of your works schedule you may not get the time to have the meal on proper times and you may end up processed food in your meals which is very dangerous for your health and will only work as a backfire for your aim to have a six pack abs.

if you are unable to take a proper meal, take out sometime in the morning and prepare a protein shake enough so when you skip the mail you can take this shakes even without having a proper meal.

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Time of result: How to get abs faster #8

I have listed all the methods that will help you get six pack abs faster but everyone’s body is unique you might not be able to see those six-pack abs so don’t be disheartened it may take a little longer time focus and full determination and following all these tips help you to get to your goal faster
also, do not try to push yourself and risk injury
my best advice is starting slow to adopt the exercises that perform 4-5 times in a week start by having two sets of 10 repetition continue this schedule until and unless you feel comfortable and pain in abdominal decreases and become natural when you perform this exercise regularly upgrade your exercise for 3 set with 12 repetitions this schedule with always help you to stay motivated and determined small achievement and then if you want some competition to try to raise the inclination of those abdominal crunches bench.

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Cut down the calories intake and never stay hungry: How to get abs faster #9

fill your plates and fruit and vegetable that will provide you essential nutrients and feel your stomach faster than having a proper meal and if you feel hungry between the meals you can grab a healthy snack banana or Apple or any fruit or vegetable which you like

The Real Choice: Can You Do it?




It should be a simple understanding when you are going to make six-pack abs that it is a combination of

1. Proper Diet which means [Decreased use of sugar and sodium and oily products] and
2. Proper exercises, that not only includes exercises to train your abs but also it should include cardio to reduce fat content because abs are only visible when your fat content is less than 9% and last but not the least the rest period
3. You have to take proper sleep of 7-8 hrs to gain the best result and give time to muscles to heal and repair themselves and also take a day off completely in a week
4. You can also include the factor of weight-reducing supplements such as green tea or any other supplements or better reduction in weight but this factor can only contribute to 0.1% and the main factors that will really determine the rate of getting six-packs is EXERCISE and DIET

When you start to exercise you must have a little info about your body Fat Content because it will determine when your abs will become clear i.e. at 9% body fat

# 30% body fat = These categories are in the obese region and are surrounded by warning of diseases due to overweight like high b.p. , heart-related other problems, etc.
#20 % body fat = These are average bodyweight people that are not overweight and also not underweight
#15 % body fat = These people can look slim and skinny in the absence of muscle content in the body

CATEGORY 1 [NORMAL]: Working Once A Day [ Cardio and Abs Train ] + Cycle of [DIET/EXERCISE/REST]

This is the category that you can manage with your daily work routine and lifestyle and this involves abs training everyday and Burning of 0.5 % fat content every week with the help of proper cycle of [DIET/EXERCISE/REST] on an everyday basis.

# When Your Body Fat Content is at 30 % and you have to reach 9 % body Fat
At a rate of 0.5 % per week = 42 Weeks [Nearly a year and less]

# When Your Body Fat Content is at 20 % and you have to reach 9 % body Fat
At a rate of 0.5 % per week = 22 Weeks [Nearly 6 months and less]

# When Your Body Fat Content is at 15 % and you have to reach 9 % body Fat
At a rate of 0.5 % per week = 12 Weeks [Nearly 3 months and less]

CATEGORY 2 [EXTREME] : Working Twice A Day [ Cardio and Abs Train ] + Cycle of [DIET/EXERCISE/REST/SUPPLEMENT]

This is a category that you have to put and extra effort to manage it with your daily lifestyle and this Extreme method is adopted say by Fitness Models who are quite determined to achieve a perfect figure before a photo shoot. This involves abs training and cardio twice everyday and Aims at Burning of 1 % fat content every week with the help of a proper cycle of [DIET/EXERCISE/REST/SUPPLEMENT ] on an everyday basis.

# When Your Body Fat Content is at 30 % and you have to reach 9 % body Fat
At a rate of 1% per week = 21 Weeks [Nearly 6 months and less]

# When Your Body Fat Content is at 20 % and you have to reach 9 % body Fat
At a rate of 1% per week = 11 Weeks [Nearly 3 months and less]

# When Your Body Fat Content is at 15 % and you have to reach 9 % body Fat
At a rate of 0.5 % per week = 6 Weeks [Nearly 2 months and less]

how to get abs faster list has ended and it’s your time to act.

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