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Top 10 Aerobic exercise benefits that help to live a longer and healthier life. These exercises work wonder for weight loss, heart diseases, osteoporosis, sleeping, blood pressure,  or depression and many more benefits.

Aerobic exercises benefits & Weight Loss

walking swimming bicycling rope jumping are some of the examples of aerobic exercises, regular aerobic workouts will not only help you increase your metabolism which means your overall body performance increases and also will help you to live a longer and healthier life.

do you know when you exercise your body naturally produces endorphin hormones which is also known for creating a sense of well being and as a natural painkiller.

I am going to mention some of the best benefits that you will receive if you perform these aerobic exercises on a regular basis of your age you will notice the changes in your daily life and work.

Aerobic exercises benefits & Weight Loss 

1. improves your heart health

regular aerobic exercises such as taking the morning walks will benefit you to strengthen those heart muscles which pump the oxygen from the lungs to all over the body by strengthening the heart muscles you will reduce the risk of heart failure and increase the efficiency of the heart to pump the blood in your body.
aerobic exercises also help to lower down the blood pressure and help to make those arteries wider so that the blood can easily transfer from one part of the body to another your arteries become clear of fat blockage by performing aerobic exercises.
if you want to decrease your blood pressure and have a low cholesterol level then you have to aim for 40 minutes of aerobic exercise regular rigorously about three to four times a week to get the best result out of your exercise by HIIT you can read this in my other blogs where I have deep in detail mention it.

2. lower down the blood pressure

the Rise of blood pressure is due to the presence of fat and bad cholesterol in the arteries of the heart. fat act as a blockage to the blood flow in the blood flow,  the heart has to work more pressure on the blood to make a continuous blood flow from the flat blockage.
you can easily remove those blocked fat and cholesterol present in the veins and arteries to make the blood flow easier for heart, so your heart has not do not have to increase the blood flow pressure and your heart blood pressure remains stable and normal.

3. maintaining optimal blood sugar levels

the blood sugar levels are increased when the insulin hormone levels get disturbed and is not able to maintain a blood sugar level which is required for optimal function of the body and when the blood sugar levels in the blood increases you will start to feel dizziness and low in energy and the longer healing time .in research it is found that to doing aerobic activities and performing any work-related tasks that involve movement of your body can get those blood sugar level down and maintain the insulin hormone levels in your body.

4. reduction in the asthma

so if you are a person who receives the asthma attacks from frequently changing the weather or dust, and pollens in the atmosphere aerobic activities are one of the best ways to reduce those asthmatic attacks that you get from the changes in the environment doing aerobic activities helps your lungs which has been degraded by frequent infection from previous attacks performing Aerobic activities benefit your lungs arteries to get wide open and get more airflow so your lungs have to work a lot lesser the same amount of the airflow in the past.

5. increasing the health of bone and muscles

so you must be aware of the disease of osteoporosis meaning thinning of the bone or the decrease in the bone density when your age increases in research if it has been found that aerobic exercises act as a reverse to osteoporosis brisk walking can benefit you to reduce osteoporosis the aerobic exercises increases the blood flow and built tiny blood vessels around the muscle tissues which helps to reduce the waste products and get the oxygen supply to that part of body, both your bone and the muscles get benefited from aerobic exercises.

6. reduces the belly fat and controls weight

aerobic exercises are the best way to burn that belly fat around your body regularly workout of 30 to 40 minutes with high-intensity interval training can get you the best weight loss program as the high-intensity interval workout includes for example if you go on a morning walk then for applying this method start by running 2 to 3 minutes and for recovery you can take up to 3 to 5 minutes for jogging then set your timer for 40 minutes and try to do as many repetition as you can by this programming schedule I will guarantee you will get to see the result within 15 days of your workout sorry for the late notice everybody bodies is unique so do not push yourself and risk injury it’s rather better to go slow and make it a habit and after after doing for sometime increase the time and intensity of the workout

7. increasing the stamina and endurance

aerobic exercises help to increase your stamina and endurance which means you can work longer and endure any activity for a more longer time duration whether it is related to the workday or any task around your home.
Bobby Fischer is one of the chess grandmasters and he said that for a sharp and healthy mind the requirement of aerobic exercises is a must sitting up to 12 hours a day straight your body starts to respond and you will feel tired and stressed out so to increase the stamina and endurance he worked out up to 2 hours per day and being a chess Grandmaster
so if a chess player can do it so can you

8. helps to build our community

performing the regular aerobic activities can become a quite boring task and to reduce some of these boredom your friend can be a good source of this, by working out with your friend which will not only help you to stay determined and also increase your social circle by teaming up your with your buddies and build a great relationship with them is quite a good benefit.

9. boost your mood

aerobic exercises have found to increase the endorphin hormones inside your body which is responsible for the sense of well being these and also these hormones act as a natural painkiller for stress and tension from day to day work activities and help you begin a new fresh day, doing exercise in the will help you to reap its benefits throughout the day.

Aerobic exercises benefits and Weight Loss list has ended and it’s your time to act.

Aerobic exercises benefits & Weight Loss 

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